RHOA: Not So Fine Print

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Tierra and Sheree

Sheree puts together a surprise housewarming party and buys new furniture for her daughter. That was awesome. But do we have the money for this Sheree, you know I’m worried about your finances.

Cynthia wants to get married under a dinosaur at the museum, it takes a few episodes before we see a cast members craziness. Nene is obviously wondering what?

Nene and Cynthia discuss the friendship contract. Do I for one minute think Cynthia’s friendship contract was a joke, she meant it for real, thinking it was cute. Major fail Cyn.

Kandi visits Phaedra and Phaedra is decked out with her Toni Basil get up, (google it you youngsters). The babies nursery didn’t quite look right for a baby. Phaedra then decides to discuss what the gang is saying about the lie she told about the babys gestation period. Phaedra apparently has never seen the Real Housewives of Atlanta or the show she produced the “emmy” award winning ‘Tiny & Toya’. If you tell a lie, you will get called out! What dear Phaedra doesn’t quite grasp is that normal people when told that a baby is going to be extracted from his mothers womb at 7 months, we regular people are going to question that. As we are humans, not robots.

Kandi and Phaedra

Phaedra: My baby has all his hair, he doesn’t need a wig

A dig at Kim. Wow Phaedra wants to take on Kim, good luck. That’s the funniest thing Phaedra has ever said, I must give it to her. But Phae, no one is talking about the baby, it’s the fact you told everyone you were only 7 months pregnant and ready to have the baby and our doctor approved this ridiculous request. Phaedra also called out Kim on her lifestyle of having an affair with a married man. That is true Phaedra, but you telling everyone you were 7 months is a lie. Just so you know.

Phaedra: My baby was born in wedlock

Yes but he was conceived before marriage.

Kandi is also putting the finishing touches to her album and one of the songs is difficult for her as this brings back memories of ex-fiance, AJ. Kim is getting ready to go on tour with Kandi but


seems more concerned with sparkly microphones, and outfits than her performance and dance routine.

Kim’s stylists tells her the side boob is now the new butt cleavage. What’s next, the muffin top or bra-less saggy breasts?

Nene has a list of celebrities given to her by her employers to snag an interview with, this list includes: Oprah, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Jermain Dupri, Serena Williams, Toni Braxton and Bow Wow. Never thought “celeb” Nene would have to do the leg work to find the talent for her segment.

If Nene gets Oprah or Jay-Z I’m flying to Thailand to interview King Bhumibol richest monarch in the world worth $35 billion.

Nene scores Jermaine Dupri. Go ahead Nene!

RHOA at the spa

The ladies meet for a spa day of pampering. Kim quite easily defends herself in regards to her being a nurse and talking about Phaedra’s son. Phaedra and Kim get into it, Phaedra’s sprinkles her pearls of wisdom and says she is a “crazy black woman”, yeah & Kim is a crazy white woman, so what? Kim asks about the friendship contract. Cynthia is shocked that everyone is still talking about the friendship contract. Cynthia, again as I told the southern belle, this is the Real Housewives of Atlanta, whatever silly thing you say or do, will be scrutinized to the last drop. A bachelorette party of sorts is discussed, which should happen before Kandi and Kim go on a brief tour. Phaedra the church lady adds she knows a stripper who has an amazing “gift.” Phaedra that’s not southern belle-ish. That’s crack-ish. Ghetto. Not Bou-ghetto. Ghetto.

Phaedra: I don’t talk about big poppa being in foreclosure, because that is none of my business.

Kim: I don’t talk about your husband (Phaedra) being a convict.

Phaedra you have had the baby, why didn’t you tell the same women you lied to, what really happened?


The reunion is going to be epic.

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