Real Housewives Of Atlanta | Season 5, Episode 10 Recap

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Bryson beings his daughter Bri’Asia over to see her grandmother. Nene and Gregg give him some pointers of how to raise his daughter. I’m just glad that Bryson cut his hair, he looked a mess. Gregg challenges Bryson to take his responsibility seriously as a father, I don’t have high hopes for Bryson. Bryson wants more children. Children having children is exactly what this world needs.

Kandi and Todd have a too grown conversation with Riley about her thoughts on her mother moving in with her boyfriend. Kandi is happy that Riley and Todd are bonding, shouldn’t that happen before moving in together? Why are Riley’s glasses so big they cover up her whole face. Riley then let’s it out that Kandi was dating Todd and a month later he is in their home. Kandi then states that Todd wasn’t brought around too quickly just in case the relationship didn’t work.

Kenya has drinks with her Aunt Lori. Lori loves Walter. I think Aunt Lori is in on the fake relationship. Kenya, divulges that in the shower, she lathers up and Walter bathes and doesn’t touch her, when she gets out of the shower he is asleep. He apparently has never done this before. HA! Ok, let’s run with this joke.

  1. Walter is either gay
  2. He’s sleeping with someone else
  3. This relationship is FAKE

Porsha and Kandi go furniture shopping. Porsha’s mantra, ‘pick what you like’. Kandi asks about Porsha pre-nup. The Stewarts do not have a pre-nup. More power to you. I understand Kandi and Porsha’s stance on a pre-nup. But we all know that, the best way to get back at a person, is through their finances. Porsha brings up Kenya, again.

Nene takes Bri’Asia shopping and Cynthia comes along. Cynthia is slightly shocked that Nene suggested to her son that they get a DNA. Hello it’s 2013! Swab that baby!

Kenya is posing for Krave magazine, Kandi comes to visit her and brings her a gift from her Bedroom Kandi line. Kenya needs the ENTIRE line as she is a lonely woman.

Nene talks about her impending move to LA so she calls her real estate agent and lo and behold their house is a go, one of her neighbors is going to be none other than Tyler Perry, Nene’s friend in her head.

At Cynthia’s home for Nene’s going away party, Cynthia looks fabulous as always. The ladies arrive and greet Nene. Porsha of course doesn’t talk to Kenya. Phaedra brings a thoughtful gift a framed photograph of he crew in Anguilla. Kenya tells a story that a man stopped her and asked her if she was Beyonce. Kenya is under the impression from the many blind people that have approached her stating she looks like Beyonce. That is just a case of what I have heard is, all Black people look alike syndrome.

Peter let’s it known that he ran the entertainment division at Source magazine, and that he used to date Nia Long. Yes he actually did date her. As they are all a little tipsy, the Thomas’ tongue each other down mimicking the Nida’s last week very public display of affection.

Kenya decides she wants to bond with her ‘man’, Walter by taking him fishing. That is not how you bond, Kenya? This is painful to watch. Kenya fishing for a proposal from a man she is not dating and does not love her or have any interest in her. I don’t know why Kenya decided to fake a relationship on tv. Kandi came on the show unmarried, as did Danielle and Brandi.

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