Real Housewives Of Atlanta | Season 6, Episode 10 Preview

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

In a preview for Sunday night’s episode (1/5/2014), Malorie Bailey-Massie TELLS her sister Cynthia Bailey and Cynthia’s husband, Peter Thomas that she’s relocating to Atlanta for a few months and is moving into Cynthia and Peter’s home.

So people just assume and don’t ask anymore, even if it’s family.

Peter: “You just move into people’s houses without asking them?. We never had a talk about this at all… I’m surprised.”
Cynthia: “I didn’t know. She just told me”
Malorie: “Surprise!”

Malorie and Peter have never gotten along: She tried to hide the couple’s marriage license on their wedding day and revealed during filming that she was concerned that Peter was taking advantage of her sister and her finances.

Cynthia: “My family is always welcome in my life. However, they just can’t come up in here and disrupt stuff now. I think my relationship with my husband works really well when people respect our space.”

Peter: “You are crazy as hell”.

Well this was worse than the Bold & The Beautiful! Are we so desperate for storylines we just making up the worst rubbish?!

Porsha Communicates with Kordell – Porsha is a little hesitant to reveal that she has been talking to her ex-husband Kordell Stewart.

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