Real Housewives Of Atlanta | Season 6, Episode 13, “Fight Club”

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Nene invites all of the couples to a sexy pajama party for a little pillow talk. However, the lighthearted frivolity turns into an unforgettable, all-out brawl, leaving relationships changed forever. All you need to know is it get’s very Basketball Wives season 4 in this episode.

  • Throwing punches this episode – Kandi, Apollo, Christopher Williams,
  • Getting punched this episode – Kenya’s assistant Brandon, Christopher Williams, Malorie by KANDI (right in the kisser!)
  • Getting slick at the mouth this episode – Peter (of course) to Kandi,

Bravo security, who knew they had security broke up the fights, of course getting every juicy bit on tape. RHOA is very Vh-oney next week.

Isn’t it weird that Apollo never appears to want to be a part of his children and Phaedra’s parties or activities? Strange. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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