Real Housewives Of Atlanta | Season 6, Episode 13 Recap, “Fight Night Courtesy Of Nene Leakes”

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On tonight’s explosive episode of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Phaedra is holding a party for her baby son, Dylan. Of course Dwight is planning the party for her and is going to be over the top.

Nene is holding a couples romantic pillow talk, why?


Messy Cynthia

Cynthia who is showing her true colors of being messy, sloppy and a blabbermouth, tells Peter about what Kandi said about him, when she referenced Peter’s past, giving an example as everyone has a past, but there’s no need to bring it up.

Kenya visits a sperm bank with resident hanger on Lawrence. She is told that she may have to worry about her hormone levels.

Kandi talks to her assistant and Todd about the play and they discuss Gerald Levert accepting a role and who else should have a role to play.

Phaedra has Ayden’s baby “inauguration” party, she dances with Dwight, as Apollo doesn’t want to dance.


The First Family Of …


Phaedra & Dylan

The ladies start to arrive for Nene’s pyjama’s party. Everyone arrives on time except Kenya. Kenya arrives later with Brandon.


This patchwork night gown is too ugly for words

Nene must have taken a few shots of tequila as she was more than rude to Kenya, as a host yes you are upset but the way she spoke to Kenya was a little bit much. The gang plays a game of truth or truth questions, so they could according to Nene, be real and get closer. The questions were:

  1. Do you prefer your lover, passive or agressive in the bedroom –
  2. Are you comfortable being around someone that has slept with your mate?
  3. Would you judge your husband if he looked at other women?
  4. What is something you do, to spice it up when things get cold?
  5. Would you be comfortable if your mate was bi-sexual
  6. Would you be comfortable if your mate went to the strip club

Peter tries to hold back Brandon

Nene is definitely drunk. Then the mayhem started, Peter said he goes to the strip club a lot, but he draws the line at getting a lap dance. Kandi was surprised as she has seen Peter getting a lap dance. He of course denies this. Then resident baller thief Apollo states he used to go every day, as he had just got out of prison. He then put the 3rd to last nail in his coffin stating he spends $5-8,000 a pop at the strip club.

Apollo: “That’s my money, I can spend my money wherever I want. You spend money on shoes, it’s ain’t her [Phaedra] money.”

Right Apollo, you come straight out of jail and have $8,000 to spend at a strip club. There’s nothing fishy there at all.

Nene then wants to keep it real talking about relationships and Kenya’s claims that Christopher wasn’t married. Christopher stands up, Porsha tries to get him to sit down, Natalie says he will stand for this. Christopher asks what kind of medication is Kenya on. Really. This man is NOT married but is asking that question. Stupid fool.

After the question was asked. Kenya got up to confront Natalie, it was then Christopher put his hands on Kenya which was wrong. Brandon tried to stop Christopher. Peter then jumped in to hold back Brandon. Brandon riled up started flailing at everyone. Apollo then pushed Brandon on his neck and tried to beat him, which again was wrong. Kenya is held back by production. Why in the world was Apollo all up in Brandon’s butt?


Feeling left out Apollo goes ape on Brandon, prepping for his return to gen pop


Nene can’t believe that she created this storm and is responsible for most of the mess


Nene stupidly goes after the woman who was ‘assaulted’ by a man. When it’s Nene’s fault this all happened.

After the fight Natalie states that Kenya lied on her husband. Natalie and Christopher Williams are NOT married, he admitted it on video! So Kenya wasn’t lying. Christopher is just upset that he was exposed. Nene is upset that her party was ruined by Kenya? Really? Was it the right time and place to bring up past issues, while you were all drunk? What were your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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