Real Housewives Of Atlanta | Season 6, Episode 6 Recap “Next Stop Shady Pines”

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Nene introduces us to new part time housewife, Mynique Smith, who is married to Chuck Smith, Mynique looks like Kiki Haynes from Tyler Perry’s For Better Or Worse.

Kiki Haynes-Mynique Smith

Actress Kiki Haynes & RHOA’s Mynique Smith

Nene also let’s it be known, that 25 year old gossip is relevant as she has nothing else going on with her boring storyline this season – that Phaedra was the resident ‘Head Doctor’, meaning she was well versed in oral sex. Stay classy Nene.nene leakes-tyrone biggums-rw

Leon talks to his daughter briefly about her boyfriend, Arthur. He then chats to Cynthia about their daughter and her future life choices.

Porsha faints and was in the hospital, she of course forgets what the name of her condition is as it’s obviously not important. I also believe she thought she was taking an IQ test when trying to read her blood pressure.

Phaedra’s husband gave some half apology for his behavior.

Kenya, Oh Kenya. Meets her aunt for lunch and she tears up talking about her failed ‘relationship’ with Walter. She now wants to be a better mother than her mother was, who gave her up as a baby and was raised by her grandmother. I wish Kenya’s mother would appear on RHOA. She did a royal number on Kenya, who is googoo eyed over her African man. Don’t let Kenya fool you, her African is a fantasy, she recently watched Roots on DVD and that’s where she is getting this fable from – Roots DVD.

kenya cries-6-6

The ladies join Kandi for a dance class so she can loose weight for her wedding, which may or may not happen according to her mother, jailor, master and tormentor, Joyce. Joyce and her sisters are three old cronies that just told some lies and are miserable and want Kandi to be miserable as well. Kandi’s men are never an issue when they’re dating, only when they’re engaged to Kandi. Joyce is a fool and embarrassed herself on national TV. She really need to have her allowance cut off and made to understand Kandi is not a child.

As Kandi went to try on wedding dresses…

Joyce: “She ain’t gonna wear it nowhere. [Unless] she finds someone else to marry.”

Carmon: “That is terrible.”

Joyce: “You know him better than anybody.”

Carmon: “What are you trying to imply?”

Joyce: “It’s what everybody else saying.”

Carmon: “It’s not everybody. You are everybody!”

Joyce jumps up, “She needs to get … out of here. You ain’t no d— family … I will [mess] her up!”

Joyce removed her shoe and tried to throw it at Carmon, she was held back.

rhoa-joyce is nuts joyce-carmon fight

“Everything Kandi had, she wanted then, and everything Kandi got, she wants it now, and that’s including Todd, but she can have his little a–.”

Kandi comes out, in a gown and sees the commotion, and appears to be heavily medicated, Carmon walks out. Kandi’s two Aunts Joyce’s partners in crime otherwise known as the Witches of Eastwick both told her that Carmon jumped up at her mother, (bold lies), and they didn’t want her to marry Tucker either.

Carmon to Kandi alone: “You’re always riding the fence. You have to make a choice that you ain’t gonna keep puttin’ up with this. She’s gonna be running your life forever.”

Kandi: “I’m done!”

What exactly the hell is Kandi done with? Her domineering, ridiculous, disrespectful, mother from hell?


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Did anyone else find it strange that Kandi tried on these fluffy wedding dresses that appeared to be the same shape and she was not excited at all about it?

What in the world is wrong with Joyce and her lying, deceitful, miserable and jealous sisters? How much money does Kandi give her mother and her aunts that they feel they can talk to her any old how. It was embarrassing to watch these old farts (yes respect has left me), behave this way. Why the hell would you attend a wedding dress fitting only to tell the bride-to-be she shouldn’t marry her fiance?! Not only is that cruel, that is bloody ridiculous. Joyce needs mood stabilizers, zanax, pepto bismol, Jesus, a larger wig, her allowance to be cut off, kicked out of Kandi’s old home and shipped off to Shady Pines. Kandi wants to respect her mother, who has no problem disrespecting her and her fiance every chance she gets, with no evidence of foul play from either Carmon or Todd as yet. Kandi doesn’t seem to realize that you can be stern with someone who is disrespecting you without stooping to their level.

I don’t understand Kandi, she is so calm when Joyce is behaving like a lunatic and talking to Carmon and Todd like she just sniffed bath salts and baked up a batch of meth. But then next week you see her go King Kong on Kenya? Misplaced anger Kandi. Of course this is all fake right? Just wait till Riley acts out ….

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