Real Housewives Of Atlanta | Season 6, Episode 6 “Angry, Crazy, Old Women”

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Nene is packing for her trip to Savannah, has the budget for Bravo been tightened? Savannah is like a day trip to Walmart. Out of work Gregg is annoying Nene by trying on her sunglasses and shoes. She feigns anger at this. But they both really wear the same size clothes and shoes. Nene also states that Gregg has to be home by 8 O’clock, when she’s away.
kandi crying-rhoa-6-7
Kandi visits Cynthia to discuss her ‘problem’ with joyce, (joyce no longer has the respect of a capital letter in her name), Carmon and Todd. Kandi relays the story as calmly as a medicated old lady. Seriously does Kandi have her head in the sand. Because of what Cynthia’s mom and sister did before her wedding, (wanting to hide the marriage certificate). She thinks that Cynthia would be able to help. Realistically Kandi should have spoken to Kim Zolciak Biermann, I know you don’t like her, but she put her mother in her place for her shenanigans. Kandi cries and sheds crocodile tears. Kandi now crying is part one of her break down, break down two, comes later.

Apollo video chats with his son Ayden and wife Phaedra, the fabulously successful entertainment lawyer. Old mother joyce visits Phaedra and she whispers to Ayden he will get a treat if he says hello to Joyce. He replies, “I don’t want a treat.” Children are smart.

joyce comes to talk about pre-nups for Kandi. joyce looks like she has been coached, “in the manner to which you have been accustomed to”. joyce is also worred about if something happens to Kandi, what will happen to her financially. Phaedra reassures her that Kandi has stated her mother will always be taken care of. Greedy wench. joyce comes for Phaedra now, and is disgusted that Pheadra introduced Kandi and Todd last season. joyce herself has been married THREE times by the time she was 40 and is no authority on marriage or relationships, you see how she behaves when she’s off her medications. According to joyce only poor men will rip you off, rich men always stay faithful and never file for divorce. Poor silly joyce.

joyce: “You don’t introduce two short people with big heads”

Apparently joyce doesn’t realize her head is the original template for a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade balloon.

joyce’s rules
1. When I’m wrong, I’m right
2. I’m a liar
3. My daughter who is almost 40, I will treat like a 2-year old
4. I’m more worried about my allowance from Kandi than her happiness.
5. I want Kandi to be miserable just like me

Cash strapped Porsha goes shopping to Gregory’s, and tries on a pair of $7,000 and $3,500 shoes. Her sister is her assistant. Why does she need an assistant, what does she do? Also she has a stylist. Porsha buys the $3,500 pair. Her alimony payment until the divorce was $5,000 a month.
porsha shoes-rhoa-6-7
Kandi decides to talk to he mother, which you know is a joke, Kandi is laughing and behaving like a 5-year old. joyce feels like Kandi wasn’t on her side. Mind you joyce said even if she is wrong, Kandi should still take her side. Right, as any sensible idiot would do that. joyce said, “we was really joking”. joyce needs to go to a hospital. I’m tired of joyce’s, old, lying, and tragic self. Then joyce meds must have kicked or editing, as she said she is not going to interfere with Kandi and Joyce’s relationship ever and whatever may happen, happens. Really?

Nene who thinks she has arrived and bourgeois wants the ladies to meet her at the club house in her neighborhood, before they leave for Savannah. Everyone was supposed to arrive at 11am. Mynique arrives first. Nene sends her do boy, Gregg, the butler, to greet all the ladies like a servant. Kenya arrives at 11:25am. Everyone is calm so far. Everybody knows that Nene likes people to arrive on time for her events, remember last season in Los Angeles? Cynthia arrives at noon. Porsha arrives at 12:45pm. Nene said to Porsha that being late is not proper. Porsha with her ding bat self, asks who’s late? Oh boy. Porsha doesn’t think she’s late unless she’s the last one to arrive – black blonde brain. She also explains her fainting episode.

Nene: “You might need your head checked out for real”

Kandi arrives at 1:45pm. She was late because she stopped off at Chick-fil-A, of course, what did she order the whole menu?? and because of traffic. Nene is frustrated. Phaedra’s breasts arrives at 2pm. Nene is upset and tells the ladies to get on the bus and leave. Kenya takes it upon herself to round everyone up and be loud about it, she knows no-one likes her but feels the need to be rowdy and get on everyone’s nerves. Nene re-appears.

Nene: “The whole purpose of the trip is for the women to BON” … not bond but to bon.

Kenya decides to take it upon herself to tell the women about their late selves, when she herself was late. Nene states she is going to get the 2nd best room of the house. Kandi decides to take it up a notch with Kenya. Shut up Kenya, Cynthia and Kandi. If Nene wasn’t saying anything, Kenya should have let it go.

Kandi: “I’m not your child, you’re not going to yell at me” … Only Joyce can talk to Kandi like that.


So who are the angry crazy old women – joyce, Kandi and Kenya. Kandi and Kenya start to yell at each other. Misplaced anger again. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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