RHOBH: Payback’s a Bitch… Just Ask Your Husband

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Taylor Armstrong

Brief recap. This week was a snooze-fest, but in a good way, we don’t want to be overloaded with table flipping every week. The ladies recover from the dinner party from hell. The husbands ask how was the cocktail party was last night, as there were so interested to find out what happened the day after.

The Villa Blanca – Lisa’s and Ken’s restaurant, is closed for a charity event, for a woman was burned by someone who set her bed on fire. They only raised $25 thousand?! Did anyone else think that was too low?

Camille, although invited, didn’t show up for the benefit, she did manage to send Kyle a text stating that she and Kelsey will no longer be doing business with Mauricio “we will no longer be working your husband, thank you very much”. Firstly, Camille already told us, that Kelsey is done with LA so unless Mauricio works in New York too, the business relationship is done anyway.

Taylor decides to throw a roaring 20s party. Surprisingly Kyle is pleasant to Camille, even after the disaster of a dinner party in which Camille let her side-kick, fake psychic Allison Dubois attack Kyle. I guess water under the bridge until the reunion.

What has happened to Linda Thompson (ex-wife of Bruce Jenner) and Faye Resnick’s face. Too much plastic surgery me thinks. Someone needs an intervention for these ladies, stop it!

Camille: slings and arrows

Camille: its a very obnoxious loud bark, no bite

Next episode: 1/6/11
Camille sets out to mend her seriously shattered relationship with Kyle by inviting Kyle to a potentially cringe-worthy tennis-and-swimming get-together. Also, Kyle hosts a birthday party for Mauricio, but Taylor’s marital issues rise to the surface.

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