Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills | Season 3, Episode 6 Recap

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Brandi’s Bombshell

Mauricio is upset about their cars getting egged consistently and tells his daughter, Alexia and wife, Kyle about this. This first scene seemed a little weird, as they went outside to inspect the damage, then they surprised their daughter with a brand new Mercedes Benz. That was sweet, jealous as I got 16 birthday cards for my 16th and some other great little gifts. But it was a great surprise for Alexia.

Brandi has lunch with her book agent and she tells him about the lackluster response to her book deal. She discusses wanting to us f*** on the title and not using her picture on the cover. Is this chick on crack, she is gorgeous and doesn’t want her picture which is about her on the cover.

At Sur, Lisa is showcasing the new menu to the cast minus of course enemy this season Adrienne and Paul. A not so subtle segway shows Lisa the Boss Vanderpump speaking to the help which of course shows us a little bit of Bravo’s newest spin-off ‘Vanderpump Rules‘. She speaks to another server, Stassi, (Star-see) who pissed off a high powered agent who apparently runs Hollywood and is a close friend of Lisa. She was tipsy and was pissy to this mega person. Lisa claims Stassi’s behavior was unacceptable. Only in Beverly Hills can you be drunk on the job, act the fool and don’t get fired. I’m packing my bags as we speak.  Stassi joked that, ‘this party sucks,‘ at this book party for Andy Cohen. Only in California can a ‘joke’, be such a ‘career’ killer. Poor Cedric, could have been on the Lisa’s show, he blew it big time.

Everyone arrives for the Sur tasting. Lisa asks Kim how she is doing since rehab, Kim shares that there are people in her life that make her feel frustrated and emotional, Mauricio asks are they a part of her past (Ken Mastiff), she says some are her past and some are a part of her life (KYLE). Kyle belives there is underlying tension, ya think!? Where was Kyle when Kim was crying, sitting down eating and drinking with Adrienne instead of checking on her sister.

The food looks amazing and tasty.

Kyle asks Brandi what happened between her and Adrienne. She says there is a lot of things they don’t know about. Adrienne has been lying she wanted to meet with Brandi to talk about Lisa. Paul was on the phone with Brandi for an hour trying to convince her to tweet her support of the Maloof-Nassif’s. That sounds like cult like mentality – Paul ‘Jim Jones’ Nassif. This all sounds so far fetched. But why would Brandi lie about that. During this tell all by Brandi, Bravo edited her to make her appear to be talking for hours, when the conversation probably lasted for 3 minutes. Note no-one was yawning or stating she talked for ever as they would normally do in their interviews.

Then Brandi states the mind blowing secret. Here are the rumors of what Brandi said and Bravo bleeped. Everyone get’s up and Kim pulls Taylor to the side to get her take on the bombshell. Taylor: ‘Why would she blurt things out when no one is around to answer any question?’ Like you always do Taylor?

Next seen we are at the now former home of the Maloof-Nassif’s they are cooking and being loving,

“Look it’s my beautiful wife.’
“Hi baby” … Right.

They both prepare salad and meats for their BB!. Where was Bernie, Adrienne’s very personal nude photographer? Outside Adrienne is disgusted with Paul’s back hair, personally I have seen worse, it wasn’t that hairy. Calm down Adrienne.

Since Mauricio opened his own real estate company called the ‘Agency’, he is hosting an event for clients and friends. Camille and her new boyfriend Dimitri are in attendance, he is soft spoken an is easy on the eyes. Camille jokingly (I hope) claims that the difference between Dimitri and Kelsey is 8 inches. So Kelsey is packing a finger tip? Yikes. Brandi arrives with her friend Darin Harvey, this was the same Darin she got married to in a joke wedding in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Everything is calm for now. Mauricio shows Camille and Dimitri a condo he’s selling the views were spectacular and selling for $2.5 million dollars. In the first year the Agency has sold $750 million, which is pretty impressive.

Ken is having hip surgery today. He makes light of the hospital’s amenities  – satin sheets, flat screen tv.  I love that Lisa and Ken have been married for 30 years and appear to love each other. Pandora and Max come to visit him before surgery. Dr Matti informs Lisa that the surgery went well and he is ok. Pandora and Lisa visit Ken in recovery and there is a hot gorgeous Victoria Secret’s hot nurse in the room.

Back at the Agency party, Kim immediately runs and tells Adrienne about Brandi’s accusation of her lies. Obviously Paul says, ‘why would she say that?’ Who is going to say, ‘Yes my wife is a liar’ –  We now know this is true as she lied on Paul and said he beats her and their sons. Hmmmm. Paul goes ballistic and called Brandi a B*tch with a capital B. Adrienne laughs and says she is going to be slapped with a lawsuit.

The theories for Brandi’s lawsuit are, and these are only rumors.

  1. Paul and Adrienne are having marital problems
  2. Paul and Adrienne wanted a threesome with Brandi
  3. The Nassif kids aren’t biologically either Paul’s or Adrienne’s
  4. Adrienne used a surrogate for her children.

Now any of these scenario’s aren’t that midblowing, so who’s to know. If any of them are true, so what. That is Paul and Adrienne’s business. I did think it was funny that Brandi asks at the dinner table, ‘did anyone have difficult childbirth,’ may be to ease her way into giving up the gossip on the Nassifs? For Bravo to bleep whatever this ‘secret’ is

Adrienne: What Brandi is saying is character assasination. Like what you said about the father of your children?

Paul approaches Brandi and unleashes his B*tch fest. He was angry. Kyle, ER actress training comes into play now as she asks the camera, ‘what has just gone down? Paul’s physical stance was a little unnerving and he shouldn’t have done that. If anything it was Adrienne’s character that was assassinated. First Kim should not have said anything to Adrienne and Paul at the event, why didn’t she call them before and as soon as she heard Brandi utter the words? Trouble maker. Paul goes ape-poop on Brandi and spoils an otherwise classy event. Or did they all know this was going to happen. I can’t imagine this would be ok for Mauricio’s business. Yes I call it, this along with every other ‘reality’ scenario was staged. Good job, Kim for being a blabbermouth, this is what being sober does for you, loosening up those lips and great going Kyle for not escorting the loudest ring leaders the Maloof-Nassif’s off the premises before they brought their circus act to the show.

Brandi of course hit’s back and calls Adrienne a b*tch. To Paul this is the worst offense not his behavior or trying to verbally tackle a woman in public. Only he can use the word b*tch in this episode. Adrienne claims, Brandi leaves her children alone and sleeps until 3pm. Taylor is visibly upset, I can understand why.

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