Real Housewives Of Miami | Season 2, Episode 14 Recap

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After Karent is told about her boyfriend Rodolfo’s alleged cheating, the next scene is the women waking up in the morning. Did we miss something here? Karent is told a bombshell and the next scenes are omelets and Lisa and Joanna pillow fighting? Great editing.

The pillow fighters are joined by Karent and Lea, who cannot believe Karent didn’t stand up for herself, the night before; Karent claims she isn’t confrontational. If Karent makes it back for season 3 and if season 3 is greenlit I will be shocked on both accounts. Joanna them claims the rumors she has heard include; Alexia’s allegedly gay hubby and Marysol only dated her husband, Phillipe for a hot minute before she married him.

Remember Lea joking at the dinner table that Phillipe married Marysol for a green card. Lea beat the dead donkey with her frustration over her castmate’s indifference to Alexia’s revelation. Lea calm down. What is with Bravo’s editing, Lea’s dead pan face for 10 seconds, them her response to Karent’s, ‘no wonder Roy does whatever he wants’, then a killer is behind the door music, pre-empting, the delayed laughter. Bravo really makes no effort to hide the over used duct tape editing on their production.

Marysol calls her mother to tell her about what Alexia revealed Karent. Elsa is livid, the only sane woman on this show. She asks, ‘why did you say anything?’ Alexia states she threw the article away. They dig up the remains out of the trash can, as classy women do, to take another look. Elsa is aghast at the ladies behavior. Alexia flushes the article down the toilet. So the garbage can wasn’t sufficient or effective it seems.

Lisa shares with Lea, she wants to give her husband Lenny a son. Lenny is 45, Lisa 29. She has tried on multiple occasions to carry a child but cannot carry a child. They also tried a surrogate, but no luck.

The ladies venture out to eat some conch (conk).

Karent’s father is sick and in the hosital. Karent is in bed, unable to leave the island and is distraught and in tears, of course.

Lea suggest that she and the ladies build on their relationships. Alexia claims she loves everything about everyone there (insert laughter and looks of are you high?) and as for Karent – she believes that Karent doesn’t want to engage in coversation with them, Alexia sees a division in Karent. Really? Karent didn’t have a chance after the article came out – we have yet to hear what exactly Karent said to the blogger. Next Joanna brings up that James/Elaine – that pesky worst dressed, straw wig wearing wannabe, who states that Marysol still has not apologized to Lea. Marysol then states she didn’t have to apologize but she did. Lea claims she hasn’t apologized. Then this combobulated story of their friend hiring James or being told not to hire him went on for a few minutes. Joanna brings up the Miami rumorville, that Alexia’s husband is gay and rumors of Marysol’s husband. These women think the world is talking about them, when it’s only their personal friends and enemies doing the talking.

Lea wants Marysol to take responsibility for her actions. Commercial break, then apparently Bravo thinks were weren’t watching as they rewind to earlier when Ana ate the conch’s penis. Seriously who approved the final edit of this episode?

Ok we get to the nitty gritty of Lea’s issues with Marysol.

  1. At Lea’s oversold gala, Marysol’s employee gave away wristbands during Lil’ Wayne’s performance, meaning that uninvited guests stormed the stage. Marysol has never heard of this issue before.
  2. Another of Marysol’s employee’s bumped Lea’s guests off the red carpet for their own people.
  3. Marysol’s employee’s were stalking rapper Pharrell after a performance

You think your gala legitimizes my business, my business legitimized your gala – Marysol

Well damn.

Lea and Marysol go back and forth. Karent makes an entrance and tells them she is leaving first thing in the morning and breaks up the argument. Lisa wants to go to the healing hole. The whole cast needs to jump feet first into this healing hole. Lea got everything off her chest and didn’t like everything that happened but she loves some aspects of Marysol. They hug and they both cry.

Next week is the season finale … so soon Miami? *sniff sniff*

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