RHONJ: Conspiracy theories on the nephew

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These are the rumors so far:

1. Joe has a 6 month old son with a woman named Tara G, who he supports financially, Teresa is aware of the relationship

2. Teresa’s brother is married to a black woman they have 2 sons, the last child born in April 2010. Teresa’s family is very old fashioned and traditional and the family have disowned the brother for marrying out of their race. Teresa has not seen or acknowledged her two bi-racial nephews. Teresa and her brother were extremely close but have had almost no contact in years because of this.

3. Joe’s family has some sort of criminal element and one of his less desirable family members had a baby to whom they’d rather not claim relation.

Danielle allegedly hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on the Giudices, Lauritas, and Manzos. Why not use that money to find your birth mother? Whatever the situation none of the children should never be brought up by adults to attack each other.

Nothing has been substantiated. These are the rumors circulating the net.

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