Real Housewives of New Jersey: Drop Dead Gorgas – 5/23/11 – RHONJ

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Teresa and Joe Giudice tell their side of the fight each to Caroline Manzo and Chris Laurita. Teresa confesses she does not know where her brother works. What?

In turn Melissa and Joe Gorga tell their side of the story: Teresa is dancing with baby Joey for over an hour, really? Also Teresa did not speak to Melissa at Audriana’s christening. Joe Gorga snapped because he is hurts. The poison is Joe Giudice. Verbally abusing him for 9 years. Hmmmm interesting.

The Kim’s are back G & D. Melissa is trying on clothes from Posch Boutique. Is Posche the only store that these ladies shop? Where’s Marshalls and Ross? Kim D asks Melissa to walk in her annual fashion show which is to be held at the Brownstone, an event, banquet hall, catering company. Teresa and Jaqueline will also be walking int he show.

Lauren has opened up a makeup bar and will be doing the makeup for the fashion show also.

The Gorga’s and the Giudice’s celebrate halloween, Teresa is Super T

Gia: You look like a nerd

Melissa is catwoman and Joe Gorga is Teresa. Kim D is invited to Melissa’s for halloween. Kim G tags along.

Melissa wants an apology from Teresa for ruining the christening. In that case she needs an apology from her husband Joe Gorga too, he was the one banging tables, using illiterate language and shouting and screaming like a banshee.

Upon arrival to the Brownstone, Teresa kisses Melissa and Kathy when she arrived at the Brownstone

Teresa: Melissa doesn’t phase me, do I look phased?

Caroline meets Kathy and Melissa. They greet each other formally. Teresa is watching.

Teresa: I see Melissa and Kathy trying to kiss up to Caroline. I know she’s truly my friend.

Sounds to me Teresa is jealous a little bit. Why would one conversation, have Caroline jumping sides, unless you know Caroline has had enough of your family’s mess and wishes to drop you. But if you are friends why even make that childish comment?

Kim G makes an entrance and hello’s and how are you’s to the enemies table (Gorga, Wakile & Simpson) For show much?

Kim G: Should we boo Teresa?

Can Kim G pick a side please? Last season she was friends with Danielle, then defected to Team Manzo now she is hating on Teresa.

Jacqueline walks and seems nervous she is not the showy type, but did well. Melissa took control of the runway and did her thing, prompting Kim G to ask her to walk the runway again. Teresa did appear not to be completely happy when she walked.

After the show Kathy unintelligibly decides to tell Teresa that during the ruckus, Teresa left her baby unattended. Teresa of course is upset and walked to get confirmation from another guest that her baby was not left alone. Teresa, if you know what you did not leave your children alone, why go through room to room, sounding crazed. You know what happened, leave Kathy to her own devices.

Melissa and Teresa start to bicker.

Kathy: When you argue with an idiot
Melissa: You are an idiot

Caroline rightly tells Kathy “Kill each other in your own homes, I don’t care.” Why would you start an argument again in public. You all look like a bunch of animals, it’s not cute!

Teresa: B*tch show some class

What do you think?

Next Week – Sealed With a Diss
Jacqueline is haunted by her past as her relationship with her daughter continues to weaken. Meanwhile, life dramas impact Caroline’s sons; Teresa attempts to reconcile with Melissa; and Kathy defends herself in a conversation with Caroline.

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