RHONJ: Reunion Part 1

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So we finally get to the reunion. Teresa got the show to a rollicking start with her growling and anger at Danielle. Also pushing Andy aside to get to Danielle. I have never heard so much cursing on Bravo in forever, Teresa’s breakdown was epic.

Danielle evaded questions on her relationship with “lesbian superstar” Lori Michaels. I have never heard of Ms Michaels before her duet. If someone asks you a question don’t respond with “would you be happy if you knew”. What?! This isn’t about happiness, inquiring minds want to know.

What did Dina lie about in a four page interview, that Danielle was able to get a gag order on her. How much money is Danielle spending on legal fees?

Who is this nephew that Danielle brought up that Teresa apparently different acknowledge? Teresa took that very hard. Blogs are already buzzing it could be Joe’s love child. Nah I don’t believe that, but nothing is as it seems. Some are saying that Joe does in deed have a 6 month old son with a woman known as Tara G. Danielle knows the mother well. No pictures have surfaced yet. Something like this won’t stay quiet for long if true. Kim G (although I have doubts about the authenticity of her account) even tweeted that “can.t blame Barney Rubble 4 cheating. Who would want to “F” that all the time. It.s like f…ing a man F…ing her”
Teresa also did not directly answer any questions about her financial situation, she states her home is not in foreclosure and that she doesn’t owe $11 millions dollars. The NY post elaborated greatly.

The show was entertaining to a certain extent. Part two is supposed to be explosive. I’m still waiting on some bombs.

I think all the ladies are fibbing about something, whether to make themselves look good to cover huge misdeeds or little lies.

Someone sent a question about Jacqueline thanking Danielle for introducing her fertility specialist to her. Danielle didn’t ask the question. A viewer did, but allegedly Danielle was telling everyone she went to all the appointment and blood test with Jacqueline. Whether this was true or not, isn’t that Chris’ job?

Kim on part 2

Text War

Next week part 2. Buckle up Yippee ki-yay!

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