RHONJ: Reunion Part 2

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Buckle up Yippee ki-yay!! I had hoped…

As I noticed Danielle remained calm throughout the first part of the reunion. While everybody else lost their heads.

We now are hearing that the “nephew”, Danielle referred to in part one, when Teresa flew off the handle is a nephew that Teresa’s brother also called Guiseppe and his wife Melissa Gorga had in April this year. The Gorga’s are very rich with a “house twice the size” of Teresa’s and two live in nannies, which is a sore point to the financially challenged Giudice’s. Also Melissa is rumored to be joining the cast of RHONJ season 3 and apparently Melissa and Teresa do not get along this should be very interesting.

Part two was of course, Danielle against the other ladies, as we tried to decipher if Danielle was lying again and why? The birthday tweet: A young man tweeted that he hoped Ashley would die to which Danielle responded I hope all your wishes come true. There was a tweet in between to Danielle that stated “its my birthday”. I read the tweets and saw that some time had elapsed between Danielle and the young man in question. Needless to say, be careful what you tweet it will come back to bit you in the butt. I truly hope Danielle really did not see the offending tweet.

Kim Granatell made her appearance and started off with Danielle which sounded like an audition for Season 3. Tone is down Kim. Crabby women who tweet nonsense don’t get cast, intelligent women do. Then Kim started on Teresa stating she did so to get back at Teresa, both women denied starting but stated they finished it and that it was stupid. Kim has since gone on a twitter crazed rampage, which only means she has a lot of time on her hands or she is really trying to get on season three.

After what transpired and Jacqueline apologizing I was truly surprised by that as I’m sure were Teresa and especially Caroline, who when Danielle started apologizing rolled her eyes and said this was bull. I must give it to Danielle she did apologise and whether she means it or not remains to be seen.

It was the most uncomfortable reunion ever, Danielle hugging and holding on to Jacqueline for what seemed like a lifetime was awkward. Moments before, hugging Teresa who threw a pillow after her and called her garbage and a pig in part one. Whether she meant it or not, the proof is in the pudding. I know many of you don’t like Danielle, but I feel sorry for her, she obviously doesn’t have many friends or at least any good friends so she tried to ingratiate herself with the Manzo’s and Laurita’s to which they obviously didn’t want her included in their party. So Danielle was beating a dead horse, so to speak.

Caroline’s body language and face said it all “I don’t believe you Danielle” although she did shake her hand.

Why do I not believe someone will keep their promise to stop the childish and immature behavior. Stop talking about each other. Let the children continue to tweet and facebook and look stupid.

What happened to this being the most explosive housewives reunion ever? Where was the bomb? Who was leaving forever?? *Bravo posted their blog early Tuesday Morning, Danielle is the housewife who will be leaving. Now who will bring the drama in season 3? Now that the cause of all contention has left?

I should have known better. Bravo you let me down again with this reunion, it wasn’t the worst but it could have been better.

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