Real Housewives of New Jersey | Season 5 Episode 12, Recap “Hair-Binger of Doom”

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meliissagorgaMelissa invites Teresa and the girls over to play and it’s really great to see them embrace each other upon arrival. The cousins are genuinely excited to see each other and play together. Melissa reveals her book design to Teresa, and Teresa is a little surprised that the cover features Melissa by herself since it is a book about marriage. She asks where her brother is and tells Melissa that her book revolves around family. Probably not the best thing to say although it is true. Why is Melissa on the cover without Joe? Terrible marketing. Melissa tells Teresa she doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that when her book is set to be released about her happy marriage, rumors hit the tabloids of alleged cheating allegations. While Teresa’s advice is to ignore it and it’ll disappear, Melissa is convinced Teresa’s “army” has something to do with attacking her and dragging her through the mud. She says she doesn’t want to point fingers but it seems weird and that it “is what it is.”

Jacqueline has returned from her cosmetic surgery in California. She is greeted outside in the snow by CJ and Chris because Chris wants CJ to be able to say hi first before Nick does, as Nick is very attached to his mother and they don’t want CJ to feel left out. When Jacqueline enters the house she immediately hugs and kisses Nick while CJ awkwardly stands by. She needs to give CJ a bit more attention which I understand is remarkably hard when dealing with a child with Autism. Everyone who sees Jacqueline post surgery can’t believe how amazing she looks, including Teresa who says she’s a firm believer in plastic surgery because it keeps you looking young. Caroline is the only one who says Jacqueline looks like a completely different person than the one they met in her twenties. Older pictures of Jacqueline look EXACTLY like Ashlee it’s freaky! I’m not sure Jacqueline was happy with Caroline’s crooked nose comment on her earlier nose.

Kathy and Richie go food shopping together and Richie wants to ask the bakery if they carry cannoli’s. Kathy asks and as the store manager is responding, Richie begins to interrupt. Kathy is clearly getting upset and tells him to stop butting in. She then says that if anyone tells you that a traditional old age marriage is best don’t listen to them because she’s been a stay at home mom for so long that that’s all Richie sees in her.

real-housewives-of-new-jersey-season-5-gallery-episode-512-12While in the store, Joe calls Richie to see if he wants to go to the cigar lounge with Chris. Richie says he’s excited because he thinks the cigar lounge is code for strip club. The three are joking about sex when Joe says that Melissa gets mad at him if he doesn’t touch her all the time. Chris says “didn’t you say Melissa was texting one time.” While Joe laughs and Richie says “didn’t you ask her do you know I’m inside of you.” TMI. Joe asks the guys what they think he should do for Melissa’s birthday because he wants to make it special. Chris recommends a spa retreat in Arizona and Joe thinks it’s a great idea and asks if they should make it a group outing. Richie says he thinks since the family is finally all good with one another that Joe has to invite Teresa and Joe. When Chris asks if that will be okay with Melissa, Joe responds of course. But when Joe is seen telling Melissa in the next scene, Melissa doesn’t look happy and even questions why they have to invite her sister in law in the first place because she wants a stress free vacation and birthday.

Caroline and Albert are not on any better terms than they were last week. The two are shown fighting over where to put the over sized rug in their new Hoboken apartment. Albert eventually cracks asking Caroline why with all her money she didn’t hire a designer. Caroline remarks that everyone is hating on her and Albert says he’s going to work. It’s a very awkward conversation that ends in Lauren saying her parents have a great relationship. Lauren goes to dinner with her boyfriend Vito and tells him that he is not her first priority anymore because her business, Caface is. She says if he had asked three years ago she’d be ready to get married and had an engagement ring picked out but that now she’s just not ready for the next step in their relationship. Vito asks if they can move in together and Lauren says no. Vito says if it’s meant to be it’ll be and that they’ve lasted this long. Doesn’t sound like a happy relationship if you ask me.

pennyTeresa calls Melissa to invite her to her, “Milania Hair Care” launch party. She says that since salon owners are invited, Jan and Penny will be present and that it’s a great opportunity for Melissa to confront them. She tells her she’ll be there for her and will have her back. Penny is Angelo’s cousin (the man who confronted Melissa at the fashion show last year claiming to be her boss when she was a stripper.) Penny is pictured left confronting Melissa. Joe says he’s going with Melissa to make sure she’s okay and that he wishes he was a girl because he’d be “laying b-tches out.” At the launch party, Melissa looks uncomfortable, especially after seeing her former friend Jan. Jan comes up to congratulate Teresa and begins to walk away before turning back and questioning Melissa. Melissa asks why her friend has been spreading lies about her and Jan replies that Melissa did meet her ex at the Sushi Lounge and that Melissa used Jan as an alibi. Melissa says “my sister in law was there” and Jan says that Melissa told her to say that to back up her alibi. Melissa says in her interview that Teresa isn’t backing her up and is standing to the side but after this altercation Teresa jumps in asking if she’s okay. Before Jan walks away, Melissa says, ‘I loved you remember that’, to which Jan says ‘and the Academy Award goes to you Melissa. Thank you Jesus!’ Immediately after walking away, Penny arrives to tell Teresa she loves the hair care line. When Melissa confronts her, Penny admits to saying everything she did and said she was asked a question and she simply answered. Teresa interrupts asking Penny if they are friends and if she ever met Angelo prior to the fashion show last year. Penny answers no to both questions but refuses to tell Melissa who had questioned her in the first place. Melissa tells Teresa to go mingle and that she’s okay but Teresa refuses to leave the two because she wants to make sure everything goes smoothly and that her sister in law doesn’t feel uncomfortable. I can’t blame Teresa because she wants to be there to defend herself if need be. At the end, Melissa and Joe agree that they think Teresa looks guilty and must have a hand in the situation and that they will find out.

Do you think Teresa was involved? Or are Melissa and Joe just witch hunting? What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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