Real Housewives Of New Jersey | Season 5 Episode 15, “Zen Things I Hate About You”

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teresa giudice faceIt’s finally Melissa’s birthday. Does anyone else feel like this vacation in Arizona is never ending ? For her birthday gift, Joe wakes Melissa up by humping. Teresa walks in. Well isn’t this awkward, all three look horrified because Teresa has overheard Melissa say she likes her toes being sucked. Teresa gift to Melissa – lace panties with a peace sign bedazzled on them. Ok. Melissa thanks Teresa and then in her solo interview she mimics Teresa’s voice and pokes fun at the gift saying she only bought it to “please her brother.” Then Melissa says that she’s “gonna need a lot more then panties with a peace sign to mend this relationship honey.

Kathy has a talk with Rosie while the two are walking around the resort. She recalls, Rosie’s confrontation of Teresa, the night before, because Teresa left to answer the phone when it was Kathy’s turn for “horse therapy”. Kathy tells Rosie she doesn’t react like that normally and she didn’t mind Teresa leaving. She says if she did, she would have said something. She also says that it bothers her when Rosie speaks up on her behalf because it makes it look like she can’t handle things herself. Rosie begins to cry and says, “no one tells me I’m great. I don’t hear it so I gotta tell myself I’m great.” She doesn’t feel appreciated so she gets angry when people pass over Kathy because she knows how it feels. The sisters embrace and head back to their rooms to share a shot of tequila before their tennis lesson.

joe gorga joe giudiceCaroline has a migraine and Albert has scheduled a couple’s massage to help ease her pain. While laying on the massage tables she tells Albert she thinks the horse therapy session was the best because Albert connected with the therapist and opened up. He explains that the emotional abuse he was talking about was the severe and extreme discipline his father gave him  while he was growing up. He says it worked so he took the best pieces of it and tried to implement them on his own kids. While Caroline says that her kids have “balls” for going on their “own” business ventures, Albert considers his work unfinished because his children start businesses that seem to fail.

The men have a pool day while the women play tennis. They behave like teenage boys, pushing each other into the pool, cannon balls and screaming. Guests at the spa actually leave the pool area because they’re being so disruptive. Joe Gorga orders the group a round of drinks and raises his glass to toast Joe Giudice: “To my brother-in-law, I love you. I hated you at one point in my life, but I’m proud of you. If there’s any issues in the future, I will be there. We’re still family.” Well that was a change to see the men getting along for once and actually enjoying themselves. Meanwhile the women are playing “zennis tennis”, Melissa and Teresa are being very competitive. They’re calling each other “a**es” and threatening to beat the other in the game. In the end, Melissa wins and Teresa’s not very happy about it.

teresa giudice melissa gorga tight ropeThe final therapy session involves tight rope walking with a partner. The resort has obviously saved the best for last. It’s funny to see them all falling off and dangling but it’s great to see Melissa and Teresa as partners. The two clutch each other’s hands thirty feet above the ground and say they trust one another. While they are on the tight rope, Joe Gorga receives Tweets about Penny’s message that Melissa cheated on him. Back in his room with Melissa he asks her what she thinks and both agree that Joe Giudice has made a lot of progress but that Teresa is hiding information. So at Melissa’s birthday dinner she gives a toast to her guests and intentionally leaves out Teresa. She thanks Caroline and Jacqueline for coming, saying that while they’re her “new” friends, they feel like “old” friends. She tells Kathy that she appreciates her friendship and Richie because he loves her children. She also says that she fell even more in love with Rosie on this trip. She even gives thanks to Joe Giudice and recognizes that he bonded with her husband on this trip. Caroline says she thinks it was a deliberate snub at Teresa and that nothing’s resolved.

melissa gorga toastingWhile the entire group is hanging out on the couch laughing and getting along, Caroline breaks the mood by saying she can’t pretend every thing is goody-goody anymore. She says if someone has something to get off their chest they better do it now, that they’re in a “Zen” environment. Joe brings up the Penny rumors and tells Teresa he thinks she told Penny secrets about him and his wife because Penny knew things no one else knows. Teresa’s eyes begin to well up and she tells her brother that she wouldn’t do anything to hurt him like that. She also points out that Melissa’s old best friend, Jan, has been running her mouth and hanging out with Penny so she could have told her things. Joe gets furious when Teresa says she won’t confront Penny because Penny “just wants attention.” Joe is so angry he throws a wine glass at the wall and it shatters all over the room. Melissa frantically pulls Joe into a bedroom, muttering under her breath that he’s being an “idiot,” a “psycho,” and that he “needs to control” himself. Then to the cameras she says that she has a soft spot for Joe when he gets that angry because he feels bad for her. In the end, Teresa and Joe decide to join forces with Melissa and Joe and confront Penny together. They all hug and we finally think it’s over. Until next week’s preview show Melissa and Joe confronting Penny alone and Melissa saying that she thought Penny had more to tell her when Teresa wasn’t there. Oh boy, next week’s episode is going to be juicy! Do you think Teresa was in on the Penny rumors? What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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