Real Housewives Of New Jersey | Season 5, Episode 17 “Hair We Go Again”

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melissa gorga singingMelissa is still upset over the accusations Penny made when she confronted her at Chakra. Melissa decides to call Teresa and see what she thinks. Teresa obviously denies Penny’s accusations and says that she can either believe her or Penny. Melissa tells Joe about their conversation and tells him he needs to just drop the entire thing. Joe says that he can’t because it still seems fishy, especially as his sister has always been this way since she was a little girl. Melissa curses in front of her son using the “f” word to Joe. Melissa and Joe finish packing and head off to Orlando, Florida for a meeting and workshop with the Jonas’ Brothers’ producer. He tells Melissa that she needs to sing live on a radio station in order to land a gig where she’ll perform for over 150,000 people. Melissa believes it’s the perfect opportunity for her to prove that she has the ability to sing, as everyone thinks she can’t sing and that she lip syncs. Joe says he thinks Melissa has the voice of an angel and the power to be “Melissa Gaga.” Melissa heads off to her voice lesson where the instructor tells her to begin singing. She is severely off key and the instructor looks about ready to run out of the room. He tells her she needs at least two weeks of work and that she needs to be ready to sing at the drop of a hat. Melissa only has 24 hours before she has to sing live on the radio station so she is very nervous.

melissa gorga performingThe day of the radio performance, Melissa heads to the radio station and explains that her song, “Never Let Me Go” is about her husband’s love for her. She says she thinks it’s her best track yet before, belting out the words of the song and ‘dancing’. At home in New Jersey, Teresa asks Joe to find the radio station so they can hear Melissa sing. Teresa and all her daughters dance along and seem to enjoy the song. Jacqueline has a “listening party” with Kathy and Rich. Rich says he’s happy Melissa is singing on the radio because everyone already knows she can’t dance. He also adds that he “needs more wine to get into” the song. Kathy says that she really can’t get into the song at all and just as Melissa voice cracks, Chris begins to laugh hysterically. Teresa says she is really proud of her sister in law because she sounded really good on the radio. Joe says that he hopes her career takes off and that the family only wishes her the best. Despite being off key, Melissa lands the gig and has the opportunity to perform in front of 150,000 people.

victoria gottiTeresa meets her “Celebrity Apprentice” friend Victoria Gotti for lunch. Victoria brings up the press rumors and the possibility of Joe going to jail. Teresa says she doesn’t want to talk about anything legal, but Victoria keeps up the conversation by saying that she lived through her husband going to jail for almost ten years. She tells Teresa that she should sit Gia down and tell her the truth because she’s almost a teenager and that was her biggest regret in not telling her own children of their legal troubles. Teresa tells Victoria that she has sat Gia down and told her face to face because she’d rather Gia hear it from her parents than the children at school. Teresa says it hurts her because she wishes she could protect her girls from the negative press but unfortunately with fame she can’t. Victoria tells her to stand by Joe and have faith that it will get better because Teresa took an oath and vowed to stand by him for better and for worse.

albie manzo chris manzoChristopher and Albie Manzo host an opening party for their restaurant Little Town NJ in Hoboken. They are giving out free food and free alcohol in an attempt to get their guest’s feedback and for them to return and tell their friends about the new eatery. Caroline explains that she hopes this restaurant takes off for the boys because BLK is nothing more then a financial burden and that she wants Al to retire sooner rather than later. Caroline and Lauren try some of their food and say that they need to use the Brownstone’s butter because the food could be better. The boys say that they are most afraid of their dad’s opinion and when Al gets there he tells the boys he absolutely loves their food. When Albie recommends using the Brownstone’s butter, Al tells him absolutely not because their food is amazing. At least the boys’ father is supportive!

Chris sits down with Jacqueline and tells her that Penny’s husband, Johnny the Greek has been spreading negative rumors about their son on Twitter. He says that Johnny has said that Nicholas isn’t Autistic and that the two are making the diagnosis up so they can get more fame. Jacqueline says that since she has been hanging out with Teresa again, the rumors are starting up because “drama always hangs around Teresa.” Chris on the other hand doesn’t believe Teresa has anything to do with it and just thinks Penny is just trying to get her fifteen seconds of fame. Jacqueline tells Chris if she sees Penny at the Posche 2’s opening she will have to confront her.

penny drossos jacqueline lauritaOf course, at Posche 2’s opening, Jacqueline approaches Penny the second she sees her. She confronts her about her husband’s tweets and Penny says that none of it is true. When Jacqueline says she has been on Penny’s Twitter timeline and seen her nasty comments, Penny says that she has talked about Jacqueline but only because “someone made her”. Jacqueline tells her that she’s not five years old and that she makes her own decisions. Caroline overhears the entire thing and says it’s “bull sh*t.” Melissa approaches and asks Penny if she and Teresa can speak to her privately. Penny agrees and when Melissa asks her who told her she didn’t visit her father in law in the hospital, Penny says that Teresa told her that. Teresa is shocked and immediately tells Penny to knock it off and that she’s a liar. Teresa says last week you said you didn’t even know me and now you’re starting all these rumors in an attempt to break up my family. Penny and Teresa start to curse at one another immediately.

We wont see the entire fight until next week’s season finale but it looks extra dramatic. Penny’s husband approaches the argument and begins to fight with Joe Gorga. Do you think Penny made all of it up in an attempt to get on TV or do you think Teresa really enlisted her help? What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Editors Note:
Penny: “I taught autism” – We’re not sure what on earth she meant by this. May be she taught about Autism awareness or she taught people how to act autistic? Either way Penny along with her horse tail is a few cards short of a full deck.

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