8/23/10 – RHONJ: The Heads of Family Will Roll

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The New Jersey Housewives season 2 has finally come to an end. Bravo promised us an explosive season and drama filled episodes, they didn’t fail.

Everyone of course is waiting for the two part reunion which I am sure will be of epic proportions.

Caroline who has kept out of Danielle’s way for the season, decided that she needed to step in and take control of the “situation”. Since the Brownstone when has Danielle been a part of their lives? As far as I could *see Danielle didn’t even cross paths with the Manzos, Lauritas or Giudices. So what situation did she need to take control of? Caroline decides to have a meeting with Danielle to ask if the harassment and may be the assault charges be dropped against Ashley. If the shoe was on the other foot would Caroline drop the charges? If this was accomplished they the Manzos, Lauritas and Giudices would stay out of her way and they out of hers. Wasn’t this the case already?

I did expect Caroline to be diplomatic. But if per the Manzos, Lauritas & Giudices, Danielle is crazy and delusional why would you expect to have a civil conversation with her. I knew that nothing good would come of this meeting. After the intital thank you for coming, Caroline states why she came and what she hopes to accomplish. The question was then asked ‘what have I done to you personally?”. Caroline states you hurt each of my family members you hurt me, this isn’t new (season 1 reunion anyone). Caroline asks the same question, Danielle doesn’t answer. Just says what have I done to you personally. The name calling began clown, garbage. Danielle mentioned Dina’s ‘weave’ when she herself has a weave during her meeting with Dina a few weeks back. She then calls Caroline out on her hair color. What is this fixation on calling out weave and haircolor.

The meeting was a complete waste of time. Caroline should not have called Danielle garbage, per her words that Danielle was crazy, would you call a patient in belleview garbage to their face? No, you leave them alone. Danielle behaved a little better than I expected. But I know it cannot be easy when you are up against the Manzos, Lauritas & the Giudices.

What will The Real Housewives of New Jersey be without Danielle if she does not come back, don’t we watch for the craziness, the fights and the drama? If we wanted C-Span we wouldn’t watch Bravo.

*May be due to Bravo Editing

Next Week: Reunion or should I say fight, shout fest, Danielle and the Jersettes….

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