RHONJ: The Ranting of the Elderly

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The Ranting of the Elderly or The Ranting of the Shrew?

Tweets from @KimGranatell (Not sure if this is a genuine account). Although verified accounts have responded to her… Who is she talking about Teresa or Danielle, either way tres de classe Ms Granatell. The tweeter also tweets about her amass of wealth.

“can.t blame Barney Rubble 4 cheating. Who would want to “F” that all the time. It.s like f…ing a man F…ing her.” about 15 hours ago via TweetToGo

“OMG! learn how to walk in those “bad” Pay Less boots with that all croaked “fat ass”. OUCH! Again, trying to be something that you are not.” 2:48 PM Aug 29th via TweetToGo

“Lets reminisce again Part 2. How about that beating in the F wing & outside school? Guess we r not as tough as we act!! Phony again, right??” 2:25 PM Aug 27th via TweetToGo

“Now lets reminisce: High School Mascot was the “Bulldog” and your nickname was just that. OMG!!! The face fits it, doesn’t it???” 1:55 PM Aug 26th via TweetToGo

“The Title should have read “How to lose a “fat ass” in Ten Days” and u have got to know what I am talking about??” about 4 hours ago via TweetToGo

“…. & no this is not hacked” Tue Aug 24 2010 16:29:58 (Eastern Daylight Time) via TweetToGo

“Tom, per your request your new Mercedes G Wagon, red bow and all awaits your return. How “hot” are you to be hanging with the President.”

“private jet back to NJ. Refueling & dropping Tom off in Martha’s Vineyard 4 interviews with Pres. Obama tomo. see Boston Globe 08/19 online.”

“Love my $80,000 Chiinchilla jacket that arrived from Florence, Italy. I know mine was not borrowed from my sister-in-law Kim D @ Posche!!” Sun Aug 22 2010 15:25:49 (Eastern Daylight Time) via TweetToGo

“Google “Planet of the Apes” (the movie), the character “Bright Eyes”, and guess who looks like her and has her forehead???” Sun Aug 22 2010 14:33:25 (Eastern Daylight Time) via TweetToG

“$1000.00 boat on wheels? My haircut and highlights cost more!! How pathetic. And in a backyard no less and no pool???” Sun Aug 22 2010 13:18:53 (Eastern Daylight Time) via web

“I know my railings are staying in my house and no one is taking them away…MINE are paid 4.. Scamming ieventually catches up to u!!!” Sun Aug 22 2010 12:43:09 (Eastern Daylight Time) via TweetToGo

“$8000 window treatments. My kitchen alone cost more that that. Must be Bed, Bath, & Beyond Specials.” Sun Aug 22 2010 11:11:37 (Eastern Daylight Time) via TweetToGo

“Oh, Tom helicopter ride so so romantic!! What a wonderful time! I am loving your new Rolex & u of course. Next stop, Martha’ Vineyard.” Sat Aug 21 2010 23:11:40 (Eastern Daylight Time) via TweetToGo

“Oh Tom surprised me here In AZ. Going to Grand Canyon on a private helicopter & not using anyone’s money. Oh to be rich & not scam & phony!!” Sat Aug 21 2010 13:18:18 (Eastern Daylight Time) via TweetToGo

“Danielle spotted shopping in Target, Bed, & Beyond. in Edgewater which is near my condo per my sourses. guess she has officially moved!!” Fri Aug 20 2010 20:15:48 (Eastern Daylight Time) via TweetToGo

“oh! looked at a chandlier last night 4 my foyer. OMG! gorgeous 100 k but worth it!!”
12:19 PM Aug 18th via TweetToGo

& the tweets go on & on…

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18

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