Real Housewives of Orange County | Season 8, Episode 17 Recap

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Do you accept my proposal Slade? That was the big question during last nights episode. Gretchen proposes to Slade and he accepts with pleasure. He lets Gretchen know that having her as his wife would be an honor. Both individuals seemed to be overcome with joy, and happy that their families were in attendance.

Gretchen did not invite Vicki, Tamra, Alexis, Heather, or Lydia to the celebration. Slade and Gretchen actually agree on not revealing their engagement to any of the other ladies. That was totally shocking considering that Tamra and Gretchen have become close friends. The recent drift between the two seems to be growing now that Vicki is back in the picture.

Terry and Heather reveal to the children that they will be selling their home. The kids don’t really like the idea, but they do enjoy having input on what their new home will have. Vicki tunes in to Slade’s radio show for the first time, and the topic of discussion is her. Is this surprising? No. He makes vicious comments about Vicki’s surgery.

Vicki also throws a house warming party to reveal the new renovations that she has been working on. Vicki lets the ladies know that her and Brooks are officially back together. The only person Vicki has not revealed this news to is her daughter. Once Gretchen and Slade enter the atmosphere everything comes to a hault. Will Vicki’s “Winter Wonderland” melt away?

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