RHOOC: A New Lease On Life (Brief Recap)

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Tamra and Vicki have lunch, Vicki feels guarded as Tamra put Simon her then husband first before her friendship with Vicki, imagine that. Vicki was hurt about last year.

Vicki doesn’t believe in staying together if your miserable – Vicki’s law

Alexis and Jim go on a trip, with their remaining nanny. Alexis brings 10 bags of luggage. Jim only mentions this when they arrive at the location and wants to take pictures of the luggage. Why? Why didn’t you take pictures at your house? You have 3 small children!! Of which you appear to not help your wife at all. Take a picture of you not helping your wife looking after the children by herself and the nanny. You don’t make your wife look bad no matter how excessive she is. You look bad.

Jim & Alexis go shopping, he buys two watches totalling $27,000, she wants a ring worth he didn’t buy it. Alexis in her side interview she is Jim greatest accessory. Hon you are not an accessory, you are his wife and partner, not a trinket. I don’t have a problem with her not getting the ring. I have a problem with him buying two watches, they have money problems Alexis Bellino In Foreclosure Drama

What satellite navigation system was Jim using? He was trying to call Dan, the system hear Nick & Jen?

Peggy who we are introduced to this week is married to Micah Tanous, they have two children Capri 1 and 2. Me meet Peggy’s mom who is a homeopath.

What a difference a year makes – Tamra

We meet Tamra’s new boyfriend Eddie and they kiss at dinner with a friend and have a bath tub spiced evening with wine.

Tamra tweets:

close your eyes!!!!! What was I thinking? Stupid

RT @TamraBarney: Who’s going to watch tonights Latin spiced episode?

Her blog on bravo.com is titles “Everyone Makes Mistakes” – Tamra admits that she regrets the bathtub scene. When did you regret? After or before then many tweet or facebook posts completely.

Last season Gretchen said she would eventually marry Slade. Now she wants a lease instead. Get off the crack, Gretch. Love ya, but that’s nonsense. It is quite apparent he wants to marry you, let him know & stop the jokes, you are both adults.

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