Real Housewives of Orange County: Fashion Victim – 5/22/11 – RHOOC

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Alexis debuts her “Alexis Couture” to small select handful of friends. She selects not foie gras for eats but crumpets. The “clothes” she debts are fit only for the very tiny wasted and those who are against more than a yard of material per outfit. Alexis looks great in what she wears for the most part, but unfortunately I did not like her clothes. Her clothes are OC wives ready, not I did not say Beverly Hills worthy. Haute couture is French for “high sewing” or “high dressmaking. Sorry Alexis the only thing high was may be you when you designed these outfits and the seamstress when she sewed these napkins together.

Tamra in true form in staying away from drama, asks in her side interview “who names their clothing line or handbag collection after themselves?” A dig to both Alexis Couture and the Gretchen Christine Collection. Obviously you haven’t heard of Michael Kors, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Nina Ricci to name a few. Tamra, there are many design houses, brand and labels named after people. Although your cast mates are nowhere near their caliber.

During the launch of the clothing line, Tamra receives a text from Vicki in the hospital, she is hemorrhaging. The chain of events that followed, Tamra gasps upon reading the text and a few nearby hear that Vicki is in the hospital. Alexis is upset that a hemorrhage is upstaging her fashion debut. Gretchen thinks it’s a ploy from Vicki to get out of not attending the party and asks Tamra if she thinks it’s ironic that Vicki is in hospital the same day as Alexis’ show.

How things should have happened. Tamra get’s the text, she quietly exits sending a text to Alexis, apologizing for leaving quickly, but an emergency has come up. Tamra makes her way to the hospital and even if she cannot see Vicki due to whatever complaint Vicki has she is in the hospital, waiting for her friend.

Instead Tamra’s response was completely underwhelming. My friend tells me she is in the hospital I am leaving if possible wherever I am. I don’t discuss with women I cannot stand. Then dear old Gretchen decides to ask Tamra of all people if she thinks it’s ironic that Vicki was in the hospital the same day as Alexis’ show? Now unless Vicki was having elective surgery which was planned on that day. I have no words. But Tamra makes it known that Vicki is hemorrhaging which means bleeding folks! Why on earth would loud and outspoken Vicki need an excuse, let alone a hospital stay to not attend one of Alexis’ events? Gretchen have you met Vicki before?

What are your thoughts?

Next week – Girl Fight
In the Season 6 finale, Vicki leaves the hospital and continues to deal with her personal problems. Despite all this, she still hosts her annual fall party. Drama lets loose at the bash, especially when ex-cast member Jeana Keough reenters the picture.

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