Real Housewives of Orange County | Season 7, Episode 8 – Recap

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by Pam Dryburgh

Tamra and Heather get together for a drink at Heathers and Tamra says she is impressed with Heather and going on the Mud Run. Tamra wants to know if Heather would ever do the Mud Run again, “check” you can check that off the list Heather comes back with. Love Heathers outlook. Vicki and Brooks come up in the conversation and Tamra gives us the impression that she is wary of Brooks and I have to say that I am with her on this one. Vicki keeps saying that her “tanks are full” these days but is Brooks taking advantage of her? Heather says that questioning another ones man is never good for the friendship.

As Brooks and Vicki settle into a “short little date’, two for lunch this is so out of character for Vicki, I am still having a hard time getting adjusted to her new lighter attitude. Brooks and Vicki seem to be getting way more serious than I ever thought would happen. Ok, Vicki is still doing business by putting her phone on the table, but still, she actually went out for lunch. The card stuck in the purse is a nice gesture. Brooks take time to tell Vicki how he will be there through thick and thin. “All my tanks are full”. Brooks continues to ask about Vicki’s assets. Vicki tells Brooks that Don will get the river house, boat, jet skis and all the furniture. Vicki’s other house in Coto she will be selling and the house has depreciated 1M. The main house that she is living in now, she will stay there unless she gets the right offer. The Mexico house she will keep. Is it ok to discuss these issues with Brooks so soon in the relationship? Vicki does mention that Brooks has access to her phone, e-mail, etc and that she trusts him and he has never given her any reason not to.

Alexis is at her Fox 5 job and she is putting on her own make up in the ladies room. I give her credit that she is trying. I don’t believe that she any type of formal training and it shows. She does say that she took a Journalism Class in College but doubtful that was enough. Like anything else you have to start somewhere. As Alexis introduces the panel for her segment, she gets two of the three names wrong. I understand that she is new but wouldn’t you practice many times before going out there and on camera? And, Alexis the first thing is to be able to listen not do all the talking. That will come with practice, but does the network have the time to let her improve?

Gretchen is going to a vocal coach to get ready for the Pussycat Doll performance. Gretchen is on the phone talking to a friend and Slade wants her to just get off the phone. I like that Slade is taking care of her and looking out for her best interests. I know, I know, this will start a ton of conversation as I am on Slade’s side, for the time being anyway. The coach puts Gretchen through the paces and the coach is not pleased with her as you can tell by her facial expressions. The voice coach gives Gretchen some voice lessons to practice at home. I am starting to wonder if Gretchen can pull this off. Wait, yes she can, she has come this far and will not let herself down.

The day has come for Tamra to get her implants removed and Eddie brings her in for the procedure. Still remember her saying “third man, third set of boobs”. Eddie is worried that Tamra will come out with no boobs. The talk about how many “CCs” will she have left. Tamra says that all people talk about boobs in CCs, not on the East Coast or in my circle of friends. Tamra tells Eddie that she will be four pounds lighter after she gets the 600 CCs removed. We see the implants being removed. They look clean though, so that is good, I think.

Alexis and Jim have their date night and having this time alone is “crucial” for their relationship. Jim takes Alexis’ coat and then proceeds to throw it onto a table behind them and laughs behind Alexis and looks directly into the camera. Did you all catch that? Jim starts off with saying how proud he is of Alexis and then the conversation goes downhill from there. Jim states that the terms of our agreement have been changed. He continues to say that when we got married we became one flesh, and that Alexis is overwhelmed by doing so much at one time. He thinks that she should give up the Fox 5 job. I love how he says that it is something that “we” should walk away from. He wants her home to raise the children. Alexis likes being out in the world and this has her conflicted. Remember back a few seasons when she said that she was the stay at home Mom? Once again things have changed. Well in all of our lives things change and we just don’t have them played out on television for everyone to watch and remember. This has to be tough on her. Jim, oh Jim, you didn’t tell Alexis that she had to give up one of her jobs.

Back to Tamra and she has come into recovery and Eddie is right there by her side. Gretchen comes for a visit in recovery and how funny, Tamra is worried that she doesn’t have lip gloss on. Now I know what I look and sound like the couple of times I have had surgery and the hubby is with me in recovery. You think you have it together but you don’t.

We are now at the main event for the night, Heather’s upscale bowling party. Heather explains that she loves the extremes serving champagne at bowling, running errands in LA and taking a helicopter to do them. Sarah arrives and it says on the screen that she is Gretchen’s friend. Is Sara drunk or on something already? Vicki and Brooks arrive and she is nice to everyone but she is worried that she may be confronted and doesn’t want anything to take place tonight. Heather mentions the last time we were together was a little rough so this is a fun night and it’s a couples competition and the couple that wins the bowling match will go home with a bottle of Cristal Champagne. Where do I sign up for that? Of course we see all the women bowling goofily, who really cares, but it’s good for a laugh or two.

Sarah questions Gretchen about the incident at Tamra’s party and Sarah pushes Gretchen and the smart girl that Gretchen is, she says tonight is not the night. Small talk between Terry, Vicki and Brooks takes place and then Sarah approaches Vicki, Sarah sits down with Vicki and says we need to talk and Vicki gets up and walks away from Sarah. Sarah starts talking nonsense and in the interview Gretchen states that she didn’t want Sarah talking to Vicki. Sarah follows Vicki and tries to pick a fight. Hard to discuss any of this scene as it is so totally wrong. Who is this new Sarah in the group? Will people be saying that she is a plant to bring some drama to this group? Now Heather tries to talk some sense into Sarah, but Sarah is obviously drunk and Heather tells us that “she is on the hamster wheel” and can’t get off. That was the moment for me this episode. Gretchen sits with Sarah and doesn’t get through to her. Don’t you wonder if she woke up the next day with a huge headache? So many questions so little time. I have to hand it to Vicki she didn’t get into it with Sarah. My guess is that she doesn’t know Sarah and has nothing invested in her like she does with the other women, so it would have been a waste of time for her. Or who knows, maybe Vicki is not letting people get to her as much as in the past.

This disaster finally comes to an end and Vicki is the winner of the Cristal Champagne and it’s over. Thankfully. Keep the comments coming and we will all get through the rest of this season together.

Editors note: Sarah Winchester is a non-factor

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