Royce Reed’s States Dwight Is A Fake Christian & Cheated On All SIX Baby Mama’s

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This week we reported that Basketball star Dwight Howard just celebrated the birth of his 6th child, with a 6th woman, Christian singer Christine Vest. Royce congratulated them on Instagram and twitter, on the birth of their son. Some of you thought she was being messy, especially as Dwight has tried to sue Royce repeatedly and they have a very unfriendly relationship. She took to twitter again to discuss Dwight’s sneaky, cheating and lying ways, she even claims she turned down his proposal. Check out her tweets:

I’m leaning towards being on Royce’s side on this one, albeit she is a tiny bit messy tweeting publicly about this. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Dwight is professional sperm donor. Which man in his right mind has so many children and cannot make any of these relationships work? All of his children’s mothers cannot ALL be crazy. I won’t be surprised if Dwight sues Royce again. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Source Twitter Screen Shots: Bossip

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