Royce Reed’s Dating A Baller

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Royce Reed’s landed a baller, a footballer. Royce is dating again and is gushing about her new boo, football player Dezmon Briscoe he is 22 and was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the sixth round with the 191st overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. He currently plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both Royce, 30, and Dezmon have been tweeting their love for each other, marriage and kids.

Roycelr: miss uuuuuuu @DezBriscoe89 Olive Juice!
DezBriscoe89: @Roycelr love you too Ms. Briscoe-Reed
DezBriscoe89: @Roycelr People always say I’m too young for you.. But baby I can do things better than they can do.
Roycelr: Miss u already @DezBriscoe89
DezBriscoe89: @Roycelr I don’t wanna sleep if you ain’t here boo
Roycelr: @DezBriscoe89 I love u! 🙂
DezBriscoe89: @Roycelr love you too
Roycelr: I used 2date ppl I knew I could handle & control my feelings w/so I’d never get “hurt” like I did b4. Ppl I was just “content” with. Thn
Roycelr: My mother told me 1 day sum1 would come n2 my life,catch me off guard,turn my world arnd, steal my heart & there’s nothin I could do abt it!
Roycelr: It happened…. I’m scared… I try to run… I cry… But I’m happy…so with that said…
Roycelr: I want the world to know I love my man @DezBriscoe89 & although I try 2run sometimes bcuz im scared as sh!t he won’t let me.
Roycelr: @DezBriscoe89 Thk u 4 being u & loving me 4 me. Good enough! Perfect! 🙂
DezBriscoe89: @Roycelr same here baby
Roycelr: @DezBriscoe89 :o( miss your face…and your kisses

Awww isn’t that sweet. Dezmon is a cutie. I hope it works out for them.

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