RW Rumor | LHHATLs Tommie Lee Is Dating Rob Kardashian

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Rob Kardashian-Atasha Tommie Lee Jefferson-RW

I heard this rumor a few days ago …

Yes you read that right, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta alum Atasha Chizaah ‘Tommie Lee’ Jefferson, 35, is allegedly laying under and on top of Robert Kardashian Jr, 32. Rob had the nerve to file a suit claiming that his baby mama Angela ‘Blac Chyna’ is an unfit mother for their daughter Dream Renee Kardashian, when Atasha aka Tommie slammed her own daughter’s head into a locker at school. Interesting.

Rob seems to be immaturely trying to get under Blac Chyna’s skin, he is whipped. After they broke up he was attached to Star Divine, Summer Bunni, LHHH alum Anastasia ‘Alexis Skyy’ Mcfarland and now Tommie, all of whom have been cool, were friends or were close to Blac Chyna. What a mess.

If this is true, Tommie will demolish Rob.

Tommie Lee slammed Wendy Williams for saying Rob Kardashian could ‘do better’ amid romance rumors. Could he though? He’s a shut in, won’t eat healthy food, posts revenge porn on social media, is unemployed, and his mother doesn’t love him as he’s not a female and she can’t pimp him to make any money.

Tommie wrote on instagram, “Wendy, I will roast yo ass all the way back to ya dealer, bitch. You will be DOA when I finish ya chill, sis! Dog face bitch!” on her instagram stories as seen below.

Sources ‘close’ to Rob are claiming the rumors are not true. Ok.

Tommie has her own reality show coming out soon, so this should be interesting.

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