Real Housewives Of Orange County | Ryan Vieth Wants To See His Daughter, Baby Mama Sarah Rodriquez Calls The Police As She Claims Ryan Threatened To Kill Himself

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Whooo Chile the ghetto.

Real Housewives Of Orange County star Tamra Judge’s son, is a messy man boy, he posted and deleted some interesting tidbits about his ex-girlfriend Sarah Rodriguez.

He even claimed that Sarah was sleeping with Bristol Palin’s then husband Dakota Meyer:
Ryan Vieth-IG-1

Ryan Vieth-IG-2

Ryan Vieth-IG-3

Ryan Vieth-IG-4

Ryan Vieth-IG-5

There was a police officer waiting for him, the officer himself had just arrived. Apparently, it was Ryan’s time to spend with his daughter 4-year-old Ava.

On Friday, Ryan Vieth posted a live video outside of his baby mama’s house Sarah Rodriguez while he waited to see his daughter …
Sarah called the police claiming that Ryan had threatened to kill himself, here is the video:

Ryan shaded himself, when he told the police officer that Sarah has 4 baby daddies, which includes him, the 3 baby daddies didn’t deter you from dating or procreating with her Ryan.

Sarah then posted this video with custody ‘proof’:

She then claims that Tamra and her mother Sandra Baker came to her house and ‘ambushed’ her.
Sarah Rodriguez_IG-1

Sarah Rodriguez_IG-2

Ryan responded:

Ryan then posted a picture outside of a courthouse.

Ryan Vieth-IG-6

At this point, Ryan and his CNN hating self along with Sarah need to join RHOOC, they are more entertaining that the entire cast.

To be continued ….


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