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Scandal is one of the best television shows on the air right now. Creator Shonda Rhimes and the writers of this DC drama are so very talented. We at Reality Wives, decided to add Scandal to the many shows we watch and blog about. Judy Smith is the inspiration for the shows lead character, Olivia Pope. She has a crisis management consultant with a firm in Washington D.C. known as Smith & Co. Judy works as a co-Executive Producer on the show.

After the long Christmas hiatus of the show, the return did not disappoint us. Fitz is still unconscious. Huck is being held under the Patriot Act and is getting the crap beaten out of him. Insane!

We see a letter signed by the ‘President’ asking to be reinstated as Commander in Chief. We and Olivia believe that the President is alive. Unfortunately he is not. Fitz’s dutiful wife, Mellie forged his signature to stop Hollis from taking over the White House, as he is becoming fast friends with Sally. Sally leaks the reinstatement letter, so her objections don’t appear to be malicious.

Mellie the wife asks Olivia the mistress what is she going to do without the President. Olivia, tells Mellie to pull herself together. Why does Olivia appear to be so cold towards Mellie? The last time Mellie and Olivia spoke, Mellie told her not to sit next to her like they were friends, so what exactly did she want from Olivia?

To keep her position as a Supreme Court Judge, Verna offers, acting President Sally Langston the name of the person who shot President Fitzgerald Grant, Huck. Of course it’s not Huck but his psychotic, maniacal and expert killer, girlfriend Becky. Sally relents and takes the offer and we assume that she won’t leak that Verna has cancer. I don’t trust that woman. Verna meets with the secret counsel, minus, Hollis and tells the team she believes Hollis, was behind the assassination attempt on Fitz’ life.

David lets Olivia know that Huck is being tortured. He also reveals that Fitz is still in danger. Somehow Olivia managed to convince Sally that Huck is not behind the shooing. Sally gives the order to release Huck. They let Huck out staggering in the street and this man wants to go right to work. Sally also give the order to move Fitz to Camp David as he will be safer there.

Edison arrives at the hospital and wants to see Fitz. Olivia of course says no. He threaten to prosecute her if she is part of the cover-up. Olivia tells him goodbye, which I hope means, I am done with you. Scandal is the only show where you want a married man to continue with his affair with his mistress. Olivia lays on the bed with the President and holds him close. Quinn and Harrison dupe one of Hollis’ bimbos and manages to steal her cell phone and take note of a number that they believe belongs to Becky.

We assume Hollis calls Becky who is watching the news about the president being relocated to Camp David. She get’s ready for her next attack with a serious rifle on the rooftop across from the hospital. Huck calls her and she hears him behind her. ‘Four bullets for me’, she asks, ‘No, five, one for the dog,‘ which she butchered previously along with the family of four that Huck used to watch, fantasizing about a normal life. The swat team arrives and cuffs both of them, Becky reveals her real name is Kate. Hollis Doyle is the devil.

Acting President Langston announces to the world that the assassin has been apprehended. Olivia’s team is eating Chinese and Huck is released to Olivia’s custody.

Sally meets with Mellie in the Oval Office and makes it known she knows Mellis forged, Fitz’ signature. She threatens to go public unless Mellie withdraws the letter of reinstatement. WAKE UP FITZ DAMN IT!

Quinn spills her guts in regards to her theory about the bombing she was arrested for, that Hollis is behind that and the Presidential assassination attempt. Olivia shocks us all, when she decides to talk to her about it. Olivia’s phone rings, interrupting the moment and Cyrus tells her someone wants to talk to her. Fitz says, “Hi”.

The President is awake!!!

In a word, Scandal is Scandalicious!

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