Shahs Of Sunset | Season 1, Episode 6

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Old Friends New Problems

by Carol Abraham

We begin the season finale with GG and Mike taking a workout class together. Mike tells us that he wishes that everyone could see the sweet, fun, and cute side that GG has when they are one on one. They begin to discuss dating and we learn that GG hasn’t had a date in 5 years – WOW! Mike tells her that she is a good catch but she needs to work on her attitude. GG agrees and tells us that “it’s time to learn how to let things slide and let go.” I think that once she learns to deal with her anger issues from her past that she will really go far. She started off obnoxious but there is another side to her that we are just beginning to see.

MJ comes over to visit Reza and he discusses how dealing with the issues with his father has been life-changing. He feels so great that he wants MJ to confront her mean mom so that she can be happy and find some peace in her life. Reza tells MJ that all her issues come from her mom’s treatment of her, which I suspect MJ already, knew. Reza tells her that her mom doesn’t love her; MJ tells us that her mom loves her but she is mean. That sounds like a toxic relationship but MJ is just not ready to give up on her mean mom, in the meantime MJ still has her dogs and Jonny Walker!

MJ and Sammy set each other up on a blind date. MJ finds a nice beautiful woman for Sammy while Sammy finds MJ her ex? Doesn’t Sammy know that an ex is an ex for a reason? Sammy believes that her ex, Navid, is a good catch for MJ because he doesn’t take her “crap” and deserves a second shot. Well Sammy, shouldn’t that be MJ’s decision? I think that Sammy made a HUGE mistake and it was a really crappy thing for him to do, who does that – Sammy! MJ sticks it out so that Sammy and Hana can have a great date. That’s where MJ makes a wrong decision; she should have pulled Sammy to the side and ended the whole thing rather than suffer through with someone she dislikes. While MJ suffers through with her ex, Sammy and Hana spend the whole time discussing MJ and her ex – great date. Navid is completely inappropriate right now with how aggressive he is pursuing MJ. I have to say that I was confused as to why MJ didn’t put him in his place. Luckily MJ was able to escape – run girl, RUN!!!!

Reza and MJ take the dogs out for a walk. MJ tells Reza about the date from hell and how Sammy was a jerk. MJ is super pissed with Sammy and I don’t blame her. As they walk Reza gets a call from Mike, Mike has just closed a big deal and wants to get everyone together for dinner to celebrate. Now MJ has to confront Sammy so that the dinner isn’t awkward.

Now it’s time for GG’s blind-date. After her conversation with Mike, GG realizes that she needs to show her softer side so that people don’t continue to think negatively of her. She tells us that she would love to meet someone and have a large family – how cute! As GG sits and struggles with the noodles in her miso soup they discuss the field of psychiatry. GG tells Adrian that “crazy people are cool”, girl now YOU sound crazy. She then tells Adrian “time for the baby factory to open up” OMG, is GG trying to self-sabotage her date with Adrian. GG admits that she has “no filter”, that’s fine but there is a fine line between “no filter” and “crazy”, strangely enough the date ended rather quickly. I guess Adrian decided that he rather not be around for the baby factory to open up. It’s ok GG, don’t give up! You’re just a little rusty. On the bright side you didn’t get angry and kick him.

Asa and Homa (the Persian Barbara Walters) walk on the beach. Asa tells Homa that she doesn’t consider herself a musician but instead an artist. She likes being creative and creating things. Homa advises her to get an agent and to focus on being an artist. Homa then offers Asa her home to use for Asa’s release party. Party time! Diamond water for everyone, I wonder if I can just get the diamonds without the water?

MJ calls Sammy to confront him about the Navid fiasco. MJ brings up the blind-date and Sammy immediately gets defensive. Sammy doesn’t take any responsibility for the fiasco and tells MJ that he couldn’t get anyone to go on a blind-date with her – OUCH! Sammy sounds as mean as her mom, what a jerk. He then walks out. MJ should just cut him loose, if he can’t own up to what a mistake that date was then he’s an idiot.

GG stops by to see Asa at her studio. As they discuss the release party Sunny’s name comes up because she is coordinating the party. GG explains to Asa that Sunny interrupted a conversation that wasn’t hers. GG is being nice right now because she should of said that Sunny was being a nosey b**** and should of minded her business rather than start drama. As nice as GG was being as she was explaining her side of it, Asa wasn’t seeing GG’s point of view. GG was very calm and mature and even though Asa wasn’t taking her side they ended the conversation well. Our GG has come a long way since episode 1, she’s showing growth and I’m proud of our girl!

MJ has a conversation with her mom to make her understand who she is and gain acceptance from her mom. MJ wants their relationship to change. MJ tells her mom “I need you to be less anger, less confrontational, I want to stop avoiding you because you are so angry” her mom replies “What can I say? MJ tries to explain to her mom that a parent’s action impacts a person and how they view the world. MJ continues by telling her that the divorce of her parents makes her feel that it’s not worth getting married, to this statement her mom tells her “you’re not marriage material” Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a feeling that MJ’s mom is just projecting her own feelings on MJ, just a thought. Her mom was very defensive and not owning up to anything even though her daughter is sharing her feelings with her, instead her mom says “eat your lunch” and then they finish their lunch in silence. MJ can’t change her mom but she can change how she reacts to her mom and she needs to stop taking her mom’s crap.

The season finale ends with a very nice dinner. Reza states “my friends see me for me.” MJ expresses to us that when her mom is not there for her “I’m happy to have my friends who stand up for me, believe in me, and make me feel loved” this doesn’t extend to Sammy since she is clearly still upset with him. Sammy is delusional because he thinks that they will resolve this issue but as MJ stated “some things you can’t take back.” Mike is happy; he has his confidence back after losing everything in Vegas. Asa feels like she overcame something within. As they toast to success and friendship I wonder: Will MJ and Sammy be friends again? Will MJ’s mom be nice? Will GG find peace and happiness? Will Mike settle down? Will Asa admit that while she is an artist she wants to make money like the rest of us and start selling diamond water? And most importantly, what does the future hold for Reza’s mustache?

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