Sherra Wright-Robinson, Ex-Wife Of Lorenzen Wright, Arrested On Charges Related To His Murder

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Remember Sherra Wright-Robinson she used the $1,000,000 life insurance policy after her ex-husband had died to buy:

  • $32,000 for a Cadillac Escalade
  • $26,000 for a Lexus
  • $69,000 on an assortment of furniture
  • $11,750 for a trip to New York
  • $339,000 to buy and
    improve a new house;
  • $7,100 for a deposit on a swimming poo;
  • $5,000 for lawn equipment
  • $277 for dinner and a movie
  • $34,000 on lawyers, within 10 months.


After a judge stated it was for her to support the six children she shared with Lorenzen, (ages now) Lorenzen Wright Jr, 22., Sofia Wright, Shamar Wright, 17, Lamar Wright, 17, Lawson Wright, Sierra Wright (died at 11 months due to sudden infant death syndrome in 2003), Loren Wright.

“We used trust funds to do that. I’ve done everything for my kids. These were the children’s monies. Everything I spent on the children was for the children. These were the children’s monies, and I bought a house for the children,” said Sherra Wright.

She said she used her children’s trust to buy a foreclosed East Shelby County home, renovations, furniture and luxury cars for the family and oldest children, but Wednesday, WREG learned nothing was put aside for their college education.

“Do you have any money in their account for the kid’s education?” one attorney asked.

“Not in my name,” replied Sherra Wright.

Sherra Wright-Robinson

Sherra Wright-Robinson, the ex-wife of basketball star Lorenzen Wright, has been arrested on charges related to his murder.

Officials with the Riverside County, Calif. Sheriff’s Office say Wright-Robinson was booked late Friday night.

Wright-Robinson was indicted for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, criminal attempt first-degree murder and first-degree murder, Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings said Saturday.

“Another piece of the puzzle is in place,” Rallings said.

The arrest comes just two weeks after 46-year-old Billy R. Turner was indicted on first-degree murder charges for Wright’s 2010 death.

“Now we got her,” said Lorenzen Wright’s mother, Deborah Wright, on Saturday morning.

Marion said Saturday she thought Wright-Robinson had been involved in her son’s death for years.

“If she can’t have him can’t nobody can have him, plus she wanted him gone and wanted the money,” she said when asked what she thought Wright’s possible motive could have been.

“Job well done. That’s it. It ain’t over yet.”

Law enforcement agents said they did not have a timetable when Wright-Robinson would be extradited from California to Memphis.

The investigation into Wright’s death was called Operation Rebound, said Major Darren Goods with the Multi-Agency Gang Unit, who helped lead the investigation.

Information pointed to a lake in Walnut, Mississippi that had previously been searched, Goods said. Another search was made with a dive team in November, yielding the murder weapon that led to Billy Ray Turner and Sherra Wright-Robinson as suspects.

The two had attended church together in Collierville.

Wright’s body was found in a swampy field in suburban Memphis on July 28, 2010, 10 days after the 34-year-old was reported missing. He was shot multiple times. The seven-year investigation into his death has been one of the Memphis Police Department’s most high-profile unsolved cases.

Prosecutors and police have declined to say much about the case. Police said last month that they had found a gun used in the killing in a lake near the small town of Walnut, Mississippi, about 75 miles east of Memphis.

Lorenzen Wright, who was born and raised in Memphis, played for the Memphis Grizzlies and four other NBA teams as a forward and center over 13 seasons before retiring in 2009.

Source: WREG

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