She’s Back Again; Married Woman, 22, Just Gave Birth To Sixth Child

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Last year we reported about then 21-year-old Zoria Franklin from Prattville, Alabama who posted a picture of herself sharing that she was 21, pregnant with her fifth child and she was proud!

Zoria Franklin-pregnant-21-lg
“I’m 21 and pregnant with my fifth child and I couldn’t be any happier. It takes a strong woman to take on a big responsibility that I have. So I might be young but I will never be ashamed on how many kids I have because I did things the right way. Married to the father of all my kids, in my own , with my own now talk about that “

The post quickly went viral with over 19,000 shares and 3,000 comments.

Many pointed out that Mrs Franklin, just days earlier stated she has to get her GED.
Her first child has a different last name from her next three.
That being married doesn’t mean you, your spouse or your children have quality of life.

Mrs Franklin is back and had her 6th child at the age of 22.

She posts on facebook, “I might have gotten pregnant every year but I wasn’t pregnant alone, he has been there since day one ☝️. I got pregnant at 15, married at 18, and now I’m 22 and it just seems so unreal everyday that we made it this far. Without the love and power of God I don’t think it would have lasted but God had plans for us and we made sure to fulfill them. Be fruitful and multiply and to love one another til dealth do us part.”D74DF2E9-BC40-4109-901C-F20131A62086

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