Sister Wives | Season 2 Episode 2 Recap “Four Lives of Kody’s Wives”

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The Sister Wives are feeling disconnected from the family as a whole. One wife in particular, Janelle is trying to figure out where she stands in the family since she was originally one of the bread winners with Kody. Janelle has begun to work out and eat healthy with a trainer and has dropped twenty five pounds in three months. She said she has amazing motivation and doesn’t want to give up because she really wants to lose the weight and look better. I give her major credit for showing her actual weight on television by showing the scale reading 243 pounds. While she feels the weight isn’t coming off fast enough, her trainer compliments her hard work and says twenty five pounds in three months is great work.

While Janelle is struggling with her individuality and wants to pursue her realtor’s license, Robyn is dead set on getting “Sister Wife’s Closet”, the family’s new jewelry business to take off. The family took part in an expo for the company the week prior and it didn’t do very well, only bringing in $500 in revenue. While Robyn wants Janelle to design plus size clothes for the brand, Janelle and Christine both agree that Sister Wife’s Closet is just a hobby business and that making jewelry will not pay for all four mortgages, that they currently have. Robyn tries to get Kody involved and Kody says he can not sell jewelry because people already know he is a polygamist and he doesn’t want rumors to start, of him flirting and looking for a fifth wife. All four wives look absolutely miserable and Christine shares that she wants to also pursue her realtor’s license and is sorry to disappoint Robyn.

The realtor has been working the six weeks no days off. Christine wants to be home with the kids more. Realized she cant do real estate if she’s expected to work that much.. Christine has always been the stay at home mom and prides herself on that. Kody and Christine argue over Christine wanting to stay home and the problems it is causing the family. In all honestly, Kody just looks like he doesn’t care.

On top of everyone feeling left out, the family’s houses may not be ready by Christmas. Something that makes Christine cry and the family upset. It turns out the reason that they won’t be ready is because Meri has been traveling to the construction site and making changes to her house. Also, Robyn hasn’t applied for the mortgage yet.

Do you think the family’s houses will be ready by Christmas? For their sanity’s sake, I hope so! What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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