Sister Wives | Season 4, Episode 17 Recap “Tragedy In the Family”

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sister wivesJust weeks after Kody’s brother was killed in a motorcycle accident, the Browns learned that sadly Kody’s father had died. Kody’s father, Winn, was 78-years-old. This death was upsetting to watch because it was obvious the family loved Winn despite Kody’s issues with his strict father and their emotions were all shot after Truely had just been released from the hospital a week prior. They decided to put their commitment ceremony on a back burner while Kody went to Wyoming to spend time with his mother and her sister wife Cheryl. Cheryl is also Janelle’s mother. Which is quite possibly the weirdest situation on reality television. Kody’s brother Curtis didn’t agree with plural marriage and his beliefs caused a rift between Winn and Curtis prior to Curtis’ passing. Kody is still extremely upset about the sudden and tragic loss of his brother and is brought to tears with remembering. After spending time with Kody’s mother and hearing her romantic stories of her and Winn’s love affair, the family spends time with Janelle’s mother.

Janelle’s mother tells the story of how she and Winn fell in love and got married. She says that Janelle had been a main stream Morman spending a lot of time with Meri and Kody. She was so worried about their polygamist influence that she decided to visit Kody’s father and speak to him. But she says when she first met Winn it was love at first sight and they were quickly married; exactly four months before Kody and Janelle were married. They wed twenty years ago she reveals.

winn brown kodys dadMeri surprises the family by taking them back to their old house where they begin to cry seeing their hand prints in the concrete. The family decides to reenact a photograph they have of themselves taken at the house in 2001. It’s a cute gesture and you can see the family really enjoys being back home. Afterwards, Kody decides that in order to honor Curtis he wants to take the family to his ranch. When they arrive, Kody shares heartwarming stories of his brother. Since Curtis was a “cowboy” the family ties bandannas around the fence post in his memory. Kody reveals that Curtis used to be Winn’s favorite child but the rift formed when Curtis married one woman outside of the family’s religion.

sister wives familyBefore heading back home to Las Vegas, Kody meets with his mom to see how she’s holding up. She tells Kody she has been reading Curtis’ letters and poems and can’t help but cry. When Kody offers a place for her to stay and come visit, she quickly declines and tells him that she is a grandmother to many children and remains extremely busy. She also reveals that she and Cheryl have become unbelievably close after the loss of Winn; even more so than they had before. Kody is touched by this revelation and says he hopes that his wives would remain as close in the event of his death. He says that the commitment ceremony is more than needed now.

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