Slade Smiley’s Son Grayson, 22, Dies; Ex-Wife Asks For Donations

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Michelle Arroyo, Slade Smiley’s Ex-Wife Turns To GoFundMe For Financial Help

Slade Still Owes $152,000 In Child Support & Medical Care Funds To Michelle

Tamra Waddle Vieth Barney Judge Donates $500

Slade Smiley, Grayson Smiley, Gretchen Rossi & Michelle Arroyo

Slade Smiley the original alleged OC dead beat dad, is in the Reality TV news again. Slade’s son Grayson passed away recently and both he and his girlfriend Gretchen Rossi posted the sad news on the social medias.

Michelle Arroyo, Slade’s ex-wife claims Slade and Gretchen haven’t been around for the past 10 years.

Grayson passed earlier this month after a long battle with brain cancer he was diagnosed at the tender age of 6. Since his death, Gretchen has posted a few times on social media about how heartbroken she is.

Michelle states that Gretchen hasn’t made much of an effort to see him over the past 20 years, calling their relationship, ‘nonexistent.’

On top of that, Michelle, who has lost her home, business, and life savings while solely taking care of Grayson’s needs, says she can’t keep quiet any longer about Slade’s years of “inexcusable behavior and neglect,” adding Grayson desperately wanted a relationship with his dad.

Michelle adds she had to hire lawyers to get Slade to pay his child support payments claiming he still owes $152,000 in support, with his last payment coming in back in 2019.

Her family started a GoFundMe to help with the cost of a memorial for Grayson as well as to cover the outstanding medical expenses half of which Slade is responsible for but has never paid.

Grayson Smiley’s GoFundMe

A source close to the Slade and Gretchen state that Michelle’s accusations are absurd and need to stop, because this clearly hurts Slade who lost a son. Slade had taken every opportunity to be with Grayson, despite being denied access to his son, allegedly by Michelle, hundreds of times.

There are allegedly texts and emails to back this up, Slade asking to see Grayson, only to be shut down time and again including, we’re told, one instance where Slade and Skylar tried and failed to see him a week before he passed.

Slade is devastated that he had to say his goodbyes at the morgue, and that no parent should ever have to be put through that. Our sources state that Michelle should be ashamed for trying to smear them during a time of grief and healing.

This may be why Gretchen hasn’t married Slade as his bills become her bills. SMH.

So far $35,000 has been raised for Grayson, including $500 donations from RHOOC’s Tamra Waddle Vieth Barney Judge and John Mellencamp’s daughter.

Source: TMZ


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