Solange Knowles Tweet Claiming Jay Z Hit Beyonce Is Fake: Report

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A tweet screen shot that was circulating the internet after the video emerged of Solange Knowles kicking and screaming at her brother in law Jay Z has been found to be a fake.

I got the screen shot yesterday but didn’t want to run with it until I got more info. TMZ claims Solange’s representatives have stated the tweet is a fake.

The media has painted Solange Knowles as a schizophrenic, drunk and addicted fiend who lost her mind while her sister stood idly by and let her ride out her anger. Jay Z has also been praised for ‘keeping his cool’ and not raising his hand to his sister in law. Solange was wrong to hit, spit or kick Jay Z, but no one goes that bat unless 1. They have a medical condition or 2. They were ‘provoked’. My personal belief – I think Jay Z has done something to Beyonce, while Beyonce suffers silently – little sister who has never been known to keep silent had enough and lashed out, when she thought she had some privacy. What happened between them we may never know. But whatever it is – not everything is what it seems.

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