Sonja Morgan Says Co-Stars Exaggerated Her Financial Trouble: I’m Not Broke!”

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Sonja Morgan talks to Radar Online about those pesky rumors which claim she is broke.

“My co-stars this last season have added insult to injury by exploiting words such as ‘bankruptcy’ and ‘bank’ when there are no banks involved in my case. I own my properties free and clear. I did always plan to sell my house in France if needed, as Heather [Thompson] and Ramona [Singer] both knew.”

Sonja’s holiday home in the South of France recently went under the hammer at auction in her bankruptcy case. While she was preparing for the sale she wasn’t about to attend Heather Thompson’s anniversary party, which aired on the show.

“I texted Heather to let her know I would not be at her anniversary party and to let her know I was going to France expressly to open my home to prepare it for sale and simultaneously look for financing in Switzerland on the French home to satisfy part of the $7 million business debt. For her to say at her anniversary party that she is disappointed I was not there was disingenuous because she answered me ‘No problem, see you when you get back.”

Sonja insists, “For Ramona to say I was bankrupt and losing my house was obviously her being distracted with her own worries since she knew I was in the process of selling France and I can always get financing on the New York home since I own it free and clear!”

Sonja also claims she had always planned to sell the home regardless of the millions she owes.

“I always had conversations with my neighbor personally about buying my property. What neighbor in the South of France doesn’t want another slice of paradise to grow their family dynasty?. I also had two other buyers I called personally. I did not need a broker to sell my home, nor did I need a trustee to sell my home to my neighbor or my friends. Saying I am desperate and had no control is ridiculous. I had no problem selling my house in France. If I were broke they would have liquidated me years ago!”

Sonja is reportedly earning a nice $426,000 per season, as exclusively reported by Radar, she’s clearing up her financial issues all on her own.

“I am living in my townhouse in Manhattan and paying the bills every month and supporting my daughter after my divorce with no divorce settlement. That means I am personally working and supporting my properties in New York, France and elsewhere. If one doesn’t do that, you don’t get to reorganize and pay your debt.”

“I want to move on with my life, settle my business debt because I have so many personal opportunities and this stress has been weighing on me and my daughter. It’s too much. She’s so innocent and she has so much to enjoy in life. Every night at dinner she has to hear ‘are we going to have a house to live in in New York?”

“I’ve never lived in fear and I am going to continue to create a successful life. Everything I ever dreamed and set my mind to has come true.”

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Source: Radar Online

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