Southern Charm | J.D. Madison Accused Of Rape & Drugging A Woman

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Southern Charm - Season 1

JD Madison

Birds of feather, flock together. Thomas Ravenel isn’t the only person accused of assault / rape.

According to FITS News, the Mount Pleasant, South Carolina police department are investigating an accusation of rape, assault and involuntary drugging against reality star and businessman John David Madison, best known to viewers of Southern Charm fans as JD.

The unnamed victim is a Mount Pleasant, South Carolina woman. According to court documents JD and his friend, Jay M. Schwartz came to her home with a female friend nearly a year ago on the 21st August, 2017. The women claims J.D and Jay intentionally distracted her and the other women in order to slip drugs into their drinks.

The victim says she was in and out of consciousness after drank unknowingly the drugged beverage, she also claims that Madison raped and assaulted her in the morning of 22nd August, 2017 – she states the rape stopped only when J.D received a phone call from his wife, Elizabeth Madison.

A few hours later, records indicate that Jay who is a local chiropractor was arrested on drug possession charges. The female friend who was with him was the same woman who was with J.D and Jay at the alleged victim’s home, was transported to a local hospital.

Source: FITS News / Amy Feinstein

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