Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel, Expecting A Child With Girlfriend

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This is a recipe for disaster.

Four months after settling his long running custody battle with ex-girlfriend Kathryn Dennis, disgraced accused rapist, sexual assault, reality TV star Thomas Ravenel is expecting a baby with his on-off girlfriend.

The 57-year-old former South Carolina treasurer is expecting a child with Heather Mascoe, 38, and the baby is due in June, a source tells the Daily Mail.

Thomas Ravenel & his new girlfriend Heather Mascoe

Heather who is a registered nurse and mother-of-two, has been in an on-off relationship with Thomas since last summer, and is due to give birth in 3 months, according to the close source who asked not to be named.

Thomas is doing everything he can to keep the pregnancy and the child’s imminent arrival under wraps, the insider claimed. Well that failed.

The source claimed: ‘Thomas is doing everything he can to keep a lid on this. He’s told Heather not to go out and even people who know are afraid to say anything because Thomas is so aggressive when he is crossed. Kathryn knows, she was told by her attorney.”

Thomas’ turbulent relationship with Kathryn, 28, the mother of two of his children Kensington, 5, and Saint, 4 are known to fans of Southern Charm.

Kathryn Dennis & Thomas Ravenel with their children Saint & Kensington

The couple appeared to have put their differences behind them attending events together and speaking optimistically of co-parenting. 

According to the source, Heather also has her drama.

Heather Mascoe

Heather has two children, a son, 12, and a daughter , 13 by a well-known Charleston restaurateur Leo Chiagkouris, 60.

She likes them elderly.

And it seems that Ravenel may have met his match in the litigious restaurateur whose split from Mascoe was every bit as acrimonious as Ravenel’s from Dennis. 

Leo Chiagkouris draped this huge banner in fron of his Charleston home after learning that Thomas had spent the night with his ex-girflriend while their children slept under the same roof.

Heather herself was arrested in 2014 when Leo accused her of fraudulently running up bills on his credit card. The charges were subsequently dropped, and the case dismissed.

More recently Leo has made his disapproval of his ex’s relationship with Thomas clear.

Last August, upon learning that Thomas had spent the night with his ex-girlfriend while their children slept under the same roof, a furious Leo draped a huge banner from the front of his Charleston home.

It featured Thomas’ most recent mugshot under the words, ‘Keep This Guy Out Of Your House While Minors Are Sleeping!!’

Thomas pleaded guilty to third degree assault and battery of his former nanny Dawn Ledwell, last September. He escaped jail time by agreeing to pay a $500 penalty.

Ms Ledwell had originally accused Thomas of attempting to rape her at his home in downtown Charleston after returning home drunk one night in January 2015.

The original charge of aggravated rape was never prosecuted but dropped to misdemeanor second degree assault and battery and lowered yet again when he admitted in court to having attempted to ‘kiss her in a rough manner,’ and that he was wrong. 

A civil case brought by Ms Ledwell was similarly settled when, along with other terms, Thomas agreed to make a substantial charitable contribution in her name to an organization supporting victims of sexual assault.

It was the second of two highly publicized allegations of sexual assault leveled against Thomas last year. 

Thomas was also accused of paying $200,000 hush money to Tinder date Debra Perkins in December 2015 following her claims at having been assaulted by him.

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