Spencer Pratt Claims Miley Cyrus & Kaitlynn Carter Were Cheating Before Breaking Up With Liam Hemsworth & Brody Jenner

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Spencer Pratt, Kaitlynn Carter, Miley Cyrus & Brody Jenner

A mess.

Spencer Pratt believes Kaitlynn Carter had an ’emotional’ relationship with before the blogger’s breakup with Brody Jenner.

The Pratt Daddy Crystals founder, 36, slammed Kaitlynn, 30, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, where he was asked about his opinions on the Monday 2nd September, episode of The Hills: New Beginnings.

In the episode, Kaitlynn, who was still in a relationship with Brody, 36, at the time, was allegedly sad over rumors that she and the alleged, ‘DJ’ had an open relationship, which of course she denied. In his Cosmopolitan interview, which was published on Tuesday, 3rd  September 2019, Spencer accused Kaitlynn of lying about the details of her and Brody’s relationship.

“It’s tough for me to listen to Kaitlynn complain about people talking about her allegedly open relationship with Brody when we know she had a thing going with Miley. She already had something going on with her when these scenes were filming maybe not physically, but definitely emotionally. No one’s judging you for whatever it is you and Brody do when he’s not sleeping in his car. We just don’t want people to lie about their lives. Maybe you shouldn’t have gone on television. It’s called a reality show, hon. And the reality is that Brody’s been talking about your sex life on his podcast for years.”

The original The Hills cast member also took aim at the length of Kaitlynn and Brody’s relationship. The couple had a ‘wedding’ ceremony in Indonesia in June 2018 after four years of dating. But they never obtained a marriage license in the USA and therefore were not legally married. They separated in August almost a year after their ‘wedding’.

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Source: US Magazine

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