Spring Premiere Dates For Broadcast, Cable & Streaming TV Shows

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The 2019-20 TV season has been interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, which shut down all production.

Here’s a list of spring premiere dates for new and returning series between April 1 and May 31 courtesy of Deadline.

April 1:

  • Legends of the Wild (Discovery, new docuseries)
  • How to Fix a Drug Scandal (Netflix, new documentary series)
  • The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show (Netflix, new sketch comedy series)
  • Sunderland ‘Til I Die (Netflix, Season 2)
  • Nailed It! (Netflix, Season 4)
  • The Challenge: Total Madness  (MTV, Season 35)
  • In the Cut (Bounce, Season 6)
  • World of Outlaws iRacing (FS1, season premiere)
  • The Mallorca Files (BritBox, U.S. premiere of British drama series)
  • Making Good (BYUtv, Season 2)
  • Tower of God (Crunchyroll, new anime series)
  • Harvest Time (YouTube, new drama series)

April 2:

  • How to Get Away with Murder (ABC, Season 6B)
  • Man with a Plan (CBS, Season 4)
  • Broke (CBS, new comedy series)
  • Siren (Freeform, Season 3)
  • The Real Housewives of New York (Bravo, Season 12)
  • Total Bellas (E!, Season 5; moved from April 9)
  • Mysteries of the Deep (Science Channel, new documentary series)
  • Cursed Films (Shudder, new documentary series)

April 3:

  • Harley Quinn (DC Universe, Season 2)
  • Tales from the Loop (Amazon Prime, new drama series)
  • Future Man (Hulu, Season 3; final season)
  • Helpsters (Apple TV+, Season 1B)
  • Home Before Dark (Apple TV+, new drama series)
  • Money Heist (Netflix, Season 4)
  • Dishing with Julia Child (PBS, new cooking series)

April 4:

  • DuckTales (Disney XD, Season 3)

April 5:

  • Atlanta’s Murdered and Missing (HBO, new documentary series)
  • Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project (Oxygen, new docuseries)
  • World on Fire (PBS, new drama series)
  • The Windermere Children (PBS, new drama series)
  • Skindigineous (PBS, Season 2)
  • Forbidden History (Science Channel, Season 6)

April 6:

  • Reel South (PBS, Season 5)
  • Death in Paradise (PBS, Season 9)
  • Father Brown (PBS, Season 8)
  • Ollie’s Pack (Nickelodeon, new animated kids series)
  • Master Minds (Game Show Network, new game series)
  • All the Feels (Quibi, new daily shortform animal-focused series)
  • &Music (Quibi, new shortform docuseries)
  • Around the World (Quibi, new daily shortform current-events series)
  • Close Up (Quibi, new daily shortform culture series)
  • Chrissy’s Court (Quibi, new shortform courtroom series)
  • The Daily Chill (Quibi, new daily shortform series)
  • Dishmantled (Quibi, new shortform competition series)
  • Evening Report (Quibi, new daily shortform current-events series)
  • Fashion’s a Drag (Quibi, new daily shortform fashion series)
  • Fierce Queens (Quibi, new shortform nature documentary series)
  • Flipped (Quibi, new movie in chapters)
  • For the Cultura (Quibi, new daily shortform Latinx culture series)
  • Fresh Daily (Quibi, new daily shortform movies-focused series)
  • Gayme Show! (Quibi, new shortform game series)
  • Gone Mental with Lior (Quibi, new shortform game series)
  • Hot Off the Mic (Quibi, new daily shortform comedy-focused series)
  • I Promise (Quibi, new shortform docuseries)
  • Late Night’s Late Night (Quibi, new daily shortform recap series)
  • Memory Hole (Quibi, new shortform pop culture series)
  • Morning Report (Quibi, new daily shortform current-events series)
  • Most Dangerous Game (Quibi, new movie in chapters)
  • Murder House Flip (Quibi, new shortform docuseries)
  • NewsDay (Quibi, new daily shortform Canadian news series)
  • NewsNight (Quibi, new daily shortform Canadian news series)
  • NightGowns (Quibi, new shortform docuseries)
  • Nikki Fre$h (Quibi, new shortform docuseries)
  • The Nod with Brittany & Eric (Quibi, new daily shortform talk series)
  • No Filter (Quibi, new twice-daily shortform sports series)
  • Pop5 (Quibi, new daily shortform music-focused series)
  • Prodigy (Quibi, new shortform docuseries)
  • Pulso News (Quibi, new daily shortform Spanish-language news series)
  • Punk’d (Quibi, new shortform prank series reboot)
  • The Rachel Hollis Show (Quibi, new daily shortform motivation series)
  • The Replay (Quibi, new daily shortform sports series)
  • Run This City (Quibi, new shortform docuseries)
  • Saturday Report (Quibi, new shortform current-events series)
  • The Sauce (Quibi, new shortform docuseries)
  • Sexology with Shan Boodram (Quibi, new daily shortform talk series)
  • Shape of Pasta (Quibi, new shortform docuseries)
  • Singled Out (Quibi, new shortform game series revival)
  • 60 in 6 (Quibi, new daily shortform newsmagazine series)
  • Skrrt witrh Offset (Quibi, new shortform talk series)
  • Speedrun (Quibi, new daily shortform gaming-focused series)
  • Sunday Report (Quibi, new shortform current-events series)
  • Survive (Quibi, new movie in chapters)
  • Thanks a Million (Quibi, new shortform docuseries)
  • Trailers (Quibi, new daily shortform trailers series)
  • Untitled TSN Sports Show (Quibi, new daily shortform sports series)
  • Weather Today (Quibi, new daily shortform weather series)
  • When the Streetlights Go On (Quibi, new movie in chapters)
  • You Ain’t Got These (Quibi, new shortform docuseries)
  • Deadwater Fell (Acorn, new miniseries)
  • Studio C (BYUtv, Season 11; moved from March 16)
  • Wayne Brady’s Comedy IQ (BYUtv, new comedy competition series)

April 7:

  • The Last O.G. (TBS, Season 3)
  • Tooning Out the News (CBS All Access, new animated comedy series; moved from March 16)
  • Pointless (BritBox, Season 23)

April 8:

  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (ABC, new game show revival)
  • Ghost Hunters (A&E, Season 2)
  • Celebrity Ghost Stories (A&E, new docuseries)
  • The Circle France (Netflix, new French competition series)
  • The Gene: An Intimate History (PBS, new documentary miniseries)
  • Liar (SundanceTV, Season 2)
  • The Wizard of Paws (BYUtv, new docuseries)

April 9:

  • The Good Fight (CBS All Access, Season 4)
  • Families of the Mafia (MTV, new docuseries)

April 10:

  • Brews Brothers (Netflix, new comedy series)
  • Selling the Big Easy (HGTV, new docuseries)

April 11:

  • Alaska Animal Rescue (National Geographic, new docuseries)

April 12:

  • Killing Eve (BBC America, Season 3; moved from April 26)
  • Insecure (HBO, Season 4)
  • Run (HBO, new comedy series)
  • Belgravia (Epix, new drama series)
  • Baptiste (PBS, new drama series)
  • The Good Road (PBS, new docuseries)
  • ID Breaking Now (Investigation Discovery, new docuseries)

April 13:

  • The Baker and the Beauty (ABC, new drama series; moved from April 6)
  • The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart (ABC, new competition series)
  • Songland (NBC, Season 2)
  • Paradise Lost (Spectrum Originals, new drama series)
  • Celebrity IOU (HGTV, new docuseries)
  • Good Eats: Reloaded (Cooking Channel, Season 2)
  • Botched (E!, Season 6B)
  • T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle (VH1, Season 3)
  • Agua Donkeys (Quibi, new shortform docuseries)
  • The Stranger (Quibi, new shortform drama series)
  • #FreeRayshawn (Quibi, new shortform drama series)
  • 60 States of Fright (Quibi, new shortform anthology horror series)
  • Elba vs. Black (Quibi, new shortform competition series)
  • Fight Like a Girl (Quibi, new shortform docuseries)
  • Let’s Roll with Tony Greenhand (Quibi, new shortform docuseries)

April 14:

  • Deadliest Catch (Discovery, Season 16)
  • Deadliest Catch: Bloodline (Discovery, new docuseries)
  • One Day at a Time (Pop TV, Season 4; time slot premiere)

April 15:

  • Mrs. America (FX on Hulu, new drama limited series)
  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo, Season 10)
  • What We Do in the Shadows (FX, Season 2)
  • The Innocence Files (Netflix, new true-crime docuseries)
  • The Big Interview with Dan Rather (AXS TV, Season 8)
  • Deadly Recall (Investigation Discovery, Season 2)

April 16:

  • In the Dark (The CW, Season 2, moved from May 28)
  • Fauda (Netflix, Season 3)
  • Barrett-Jackson Live (History/FYI, new season of auto auction series)

April 17:

  • Bosch (Amazon Prime, Season 6)
  • Home (Apple TV+, new documentary series)
  • Too Hot to Handle (Netflix, new dating competition series)

April 18:

  • Paranormal 911 (Travel Channel, Season 2)
  • Jungle Animal Rescue (Nat Geo Wild, new docuseries)

April 19:

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Maximum Venom (Disney XD, Season 3)
  • Pacific Heartbeat (PBS, Season 9)
  • The Last DAnce (ESPN, new documentary series)
  • Dragnificent! (TLC, new docuseries)
  • Dragnificent: Behind the Queens (TLC Go, new companion talk series)
  • The Top Ten Revealed (AXS TV, Season 3)
  • Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar (AXS TV, Season 5)

April 20:

  • Dragnificent! (TLC, new docuseries; time slot premiere)
  • The Midnight Gospel (Netflix, new animated comedy series)
  • Cooking with Cannabis (Netflix, new competition series)
  • Iron Sharpens Iron (Quibi, new shortform docuseries)

April 21:

  • Middleditch & Schwartz (Netflix, new improv comedy series)
  • Accused: Guilty or Innocent? (A&E, new true-crime docuseries)

April 22:

  • Mental Samurai (Fox, Season 2)
  • Win the Wilderness (Netflix, new British competition series)
  • H20: The Molecule That Made Us (PBS, new drama series)
  • Ghost Nation (Travel Channel, Season 2)

April 23:

  • We’re Here (HBO, new docuseries)
  • Growing Up Hip Hop (WEtv, Season 15)
  • Sanctuary (Sundance Now; U.S. premiere of Swedish drama series)

April 24:

  • Defending Jacob (Apple TV+, new drama limited series)
  • After Life (Netflix, Season 2)

April 25:

  • My Paranormal Nightmare (Travel Channel, new docuseries)

April 26:

  • Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (Showtime, new drama series)
  • Vida (Starz, Season 3; final season)
  • Unorthodox (Netflix, new Yiddish-language drama limited series)
  • Uncensored (TV One, Season 3)

April 27:

  • Cup of Joe (Quibi, new shortform travelogue series)
  • Floored (Quibi, new shortform competition series)

April 29:

  • Normal People (Hulu. new drama series)
  • Extracurricular (Netflix, new drama series)
  • Nadiya’s Time to Eat (Netflix, new cooking series)
  • Spy in the Wild (PBS, Season 2)

April 30:

  • Council of Dads (NBC, new drama series; time slot premiere)

April TBA:

  • Normal People  (Hulu, new drama series)

May 1:

  • Betty (HBO, new comedy series)
  • Hollywood (Netflix, new drama series)
  • Upload (Amazon Prime, new drama series)
  • Trying (Apple TV+, new comedy series)
  • Ghostwriter (Apple TV+, Season 1B)
  • Remy & Boo (Universal Kids, new animated kids series)

May 3:

  • Billions (Showtime, Season 5)
  • The Real Housewives of Potomac (Bravo, Season 5)
  • Married to Medicine Los Angeles (Bravo, Season 2)

May 4:

  • Bakeaway Camp with Martha Stewart (Discovery, new cooking competition series)
  • Camp Getaway (Bravo, new docuseries)
  • Duff Takes the Cake (Food Network, Season 2)

May 5:

  • Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (Bravo, Season 12)

May 6:

  • Archer (FXX, Season 11)

May 8:

  • Solar Opposites (Hulu, new animated comedy series)
  • The Eddy (Netflix, new drama series)
  • Bering Sea Gold (Discovery, Season 12; moved from April 1)

May 10:

  • I Know This Much Is True (HBO, new drama limited series; moved from April 27)
  • Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted (National Geographic, Season 2)

May 11:

  • The Third Day (HBO, new drama limited series)
  • Trial by Media (Netflix, new docuseries)

May 12:

  • Stargirl (The CW, new drama series; moved from May 26)
  • A Confession (BritBox, U.S. premiere of British drama series)
  • Best Cake Wins (BYUtv, Season 3)
  • Step Up to the Plate (BYUtv, new cooking competition series)
  • Jeff’s Homemade Game Show (BYUtv, new game show series)

May 15:

  • Masters of Illusion (The CW, Season 7)
  • The Great (Hulu, new comedy series)
  • BattleBots (Discovery, Season 3)

May 17:

  • Hightown (Starz, new drama series)

May 18:

  • The Bachelorette (ABC, Season 16)

May 20:

  • The 100 (The CW, Season 7; final season)

May 21:

  • Love Island (CBS, Season 2)
  • Burden of Proof (The CW, Season 2)

May 25:

  • Genius: Aretha (National Geographic Channel, Season 3)
  • Quiz (AMC, new drama miniseries)

May 28:

  • In the Dark (The CW, Season 2)

May 29:

  • Ramy (Hulu, Season 2)
  • Central Park (Apple TV+, new animated comedy series)

May 31:

  • Snowpiercer (TNT, new drama series)
  • Laurel Canyon (Epix, new docuseries)


  • Homecoming (Amazon Prime, Season 2)
  • Frozen in Time (HGTV, new docuseries)


  • Fargo (FX, Season 4; moved from April 19)
  • The Walking Dead: World Beyond (AMC, new drama series; moved from April 12)
  • Outcry (Showtime, new documentary limited series)
  • Love Fraud (Showtime, new documentary limited series)

Shows eyed for midseason that remain undated:

  • The Great North (Fox, new animated comedy series)
  • Ultimate Tag (Fox, new competition series)
  • neXt (Fox, new drama series)
  • Filthy Rich (Fox, new drama series)
  • United We Fall (ABC, new comedy series)
  • The Amazing Race (CBS, Season 32)
  • The Orville (Hulu, Season 3; new network)
  • Love, Beth (Hulu, new comedy series)

Source: Deadline

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