Starter Wives Confidential | Season 1, Episode 1 Recap

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A Starter Wife is someone who was there from the beginning, raised the kids, took care of her man married or not just a ride or die chick. We get to journey along with six starter wives learning their stories, their relationships, seeing their up and downs, and most importantly getting to know them and only them.  First we meet Monica (ex of Funkmaster Flex) a business woman who runs her own blog. She describes the celebrity life and lets us know she was never financially dependent because she has always had her own business. The hardest part for her is losing her best friend. Next we meet Liza (mother of Lamar Odom’s children) who lost a son at six months. She describes moving on as being very hard and that they never discussed the death of the child. Zakia (her ex is Maino} began dating her son’s father after he did a ten year prison sentence. She says he has a song about all the ways he’d love to kill her and one about how much he loves Lil Kim. Zakia does state that he is an excellent father to their nine year old son. Josie (mother of Floyd Mayweather’s children) is from Las Vegas where she met Floyd when she was sixteen. She describes that he was domestically violent in front of the children but she says he is a great father. She believes Floyd will come back to her because he always does.

The ladies are at Monica’s to meet one another. They are patiently waiting for Shaniqua (mother to 50 Cent’s child) and they may be waiting forever. She was put under a gag order which prevents her from participating on the show. She plans to fight the order and hopefully regain her position on the show. The ladies mention men and Zakia says she isn’t dating because she doesn’t want temptation. Zakia and Monica discuss having cut their men completely off sexually once the relationship was over but Josie and Liza can’t agree. Josie says that she and Floyd will always be sexual even if it’s in the back of a vehicle. Liza says the connection will always be there and discloses to the ladies Lamar was her first and only!  Everyone is surprised and now they feel it is their duty to find her a man. Monica begins to discuss her blog’s two year anniversary and Zakia has to leave. Monica begins to tell who will be in attendance to the event and throws out Lil Kim’s name being that she was there for Monica at the beginning of the blog. Josie and Liza find it hard to believe Monica didn’t tell Zakia about it being that Maino and Lil Kim had a romance. Monica can’t believe the ladies are still thinking that Zakia would even care about the past.

Monica and her staff begin to prepare for the two year anniversary event when Tashera (estranged wife of DMX) comes to join the planning. Monica tells Tashera about Lil Kim being invited and Tashera carries the same feelings Josie and Liza do about telling Zakia so she can be prepared. Monica, Josie, and Liza meet for cupcakes to discuss the event. They want to know who Liza is bringing. My guess is if Lamar turns it down, No One. Then in a weird coincidence Kris Humphries gets brought up to add to the Kardashshian sting for Liza. The ladies again bring up whether or not if Monica will be telling Zakia about Lil Kim being invited. Monica is fed up with the conversation and she begins to tell the ladies a little truth. Liza discusses the death of her son and how Lamar wasn’t really there for her afterwards. Zakia meets Tashera for pedicures and chit chat. They discuss their children’s fathers and how one is absent while the other is a great father. Tashera tells Zakia of how wrong things were with DMX from womanizing to lying to verbal abuse. Zakia says she hopes to be as triumphant as Tashera after going through all that she has. Tashera decides to tell Zakia about the Lil Kim invitation. Zakia doesn’t trust Monica anymore because she wasn’t straight up with her about the situation.

It time to celebrate two years of Monica’s blog and the party has started. Now we meet Cheryl (ex wife of mobster Phil Caruso) who owns the tequila company that provides drinks for the event. The ladies begin to discuss why Zakia isn’t there and Monica wants to make it a point that this is her event and the drama should be left in the past. Liza has to make her point but isn’t able because Cheryl steps in to deflate the situation. To everyone’s surprise Zakia comes down the steps to enter the party and it almost became a tumble down the steps. Zakia begins to let Monica know it was wrong and she should’ve told her about Lil Kim. So here begins the drama. Monica wants Zakia to bring down her tone and really just let the idea go. Zakia doesn’t hear anything she says and continues to talk loudly which causes Monica to call for security. Zakia swings her ponytail and hurls insults to Monica and threats to Josie. Do you think Zakia should let go of the Lil Kim drama or is she justified in her actions?

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