[VIDEO] Stephanie Moseley’s Body Identified By Friend Eva Marcille After Murder-Suicide

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Stephanie Moseley’s loved ones were in shock on Monday, Dec. 8, after the Hit the Floor dancer was found dead after her husband, rapper Earl Hayes killed her and committed suicide. Among those who mourned her tragic death was actress and former America’s Next Top Model winner Eva Marcille, had to identify Stephanie’s body.

“I met Stephanie Moseley in 2002. She had just moved to L.A. she was a part of a dance group called Best Kept Secret. My cousin was doing her makeup, and I just thought she was the most gorgeous girl. She didn’t have any friends in L.A….so I decided I would take her under my wing. At that time, I was headed to college, and I decided I wanted to be a model. So we made a pact, and we decided we were gonna figure this business out and become stars together.” Eva, 30, recalled to Entertainment Tonight outside the apartment complex where the crime took place.

Not long after, Eva won the third cycle of ANTM. Stephanie, meanwhile, landed gigs dancing for Britney Spears and Chris Brown, among others, and also appeared in films including Mirror Mirror and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

“Stephanie was an absolute angel. She really was…She’s connected so many people together. She’s just loved. She will never ever ever be forgotten. She is so loved.”

Eva continued, “Everyone has their problems, but if you’re asking if anyone knew that something would come to this, hell no…I thought it was a lie when I got the phone call. We shared life circumstances and what we’re going through, and her life hasn’t necessarily been rosy as of late. But I don’t think — I know that I didn’t think it was going to come to this.”

Need help? Considering suicide? Please contact the numbers below. There is always a listening ear for you.
In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
In Canada., call 1-800-448-1833
Australia., call 13 11 14
In the UK., 08457 90 90 90
New Zealand., 0800 543 354
Within Auckland., 09 5222 999

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