Styled By June | Season 1, Episode 4 – Recap

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Jaleel White

by Cheri Davidson

This week start off with June’s assistant Rachel missing in action. Strike 1 comes early for Rachel on this episode. June meets with Rachel to try and figure where her issues are coming in. June address Rachel’s entitlement attitude and sets expectations. Rachel has an uphill battle to climb when facing the other assistants Tukie and Eli.

June preps for her meeting with Jaleel White, her newest client. You all remember Jaleel right? Mr. Steve Urkel himself. Jaleel is looking for June’s guidance in helping him redefine himself as an adult actor and move him away from the character that he played for 9 years. After June Google’s Jaleel and a 10 year old photo comes up she realizes that her priority is to get Jaleel back into the media with a new image as a style maverick in the making. June meets with her team to come up with her infamous 3 point strategic plan to pull off Jaleel’s transformation.

The first step in the process is to give Jaleel a lesson in red carpet 101. June is going for an urban, American gangster look for the Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards. Jaleel is open to the tuxedo inspired jacket and plaid shirt June picks but starts to get nervous thinking about the cameras that he will encounter on the carpet. Jaleel conquered the carpet, with help from June of course.

Next up, June and Jaleel hit men’s clothing store, Paul Stuart. Jaleel wants to be seen as a more mature actor and create a buzz, so in the Juneiverse that means giving Jaleel a more classic look including what we Americans call suspenders and the Brits call braces. Unwilling to face his demons, Jaleel refuses to wear suspenders. Wait, this is Styled by June, right? JUNE says, braces so braces it is. We all know that Steve Urkel’s attire left a lot to be desired, but in the words of June. “It wasn’t Jaleel’s awkward moment, it was Steve’s awkward moment. Jaleel White the man should know how to take this accessory and re-live it in a way that a man would”.

Jaleel’s big day arrives as he preps with June and team to become the face of the Paul Stuart collection. June has created a media event filled with press and bloggers to create the buzz needed for Jaleel’s coming out party. June preps 3 looks for Jaleel. Sophisticated/versatile, casual and of course a suit with braces. Once Jaleel puts on the braces, Jaleel embraces them as they make him look refined and tailored.

A refined, aspirational male maverick has been created. June can ask herself “Did I do that?” I know, I know. I couldn’t resist.

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