Summer’s Eve Hail to the V: “The V” Extended Cut

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I saw this ad and decided to write a small blog about it.

There’s a bit of controversy about this advert. Some people think it’s inappropriate; others, hilarious and some think it’s excellent. I was telling my guy friend about this Summer Eve ad, then I showed it to him. We both laughed, because how great the production was of the advert the ad. He thinks it’s awesome and the ad is spot on;

Men do fight over it, Women should be careful about who they let in it. You can’t just be giving it to all kinds of dirty men. Value it. There are some women who don’t realize what power they have and what they can accomplish.

My friend and his wife have 3 children.

Remember Aspercreme, ‘You bet your sweet Aspercreme’, that was pulled for the ass, part, it had a catchy tune . There have been worse ads, remember the worst advertisement in the history of the world, the Quizno’s rat ad.

Summer’s Eve products are about cleaning down there, so I don’t see why it’s so controversial. Should an ad be all about inference or actually stating not so boldly what a product is used for? The message I garner from the ad is to ‘keep it clean and look after it‘ Hail to the V!

“Come on ladies, show it a little love.”

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