Shots Fired! Sundy Carter vs Milan Christopher | Jealous Feud Gets Ugly

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Two weeks ago, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood guest, Miles posted this picture of him and Basketball Wives LA star, Sundy Carter hand in hand, revealing their new relationship. Then Milan, Miles’ ex-boyfriend got a bit salty about it and he and Sundy went back and forth on social media. Here for you is the undignified mud.

When she don't care… @sundycarter_ #JustLove

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Sundy Carter’s Rant

  • Dear @milanchristopher…with Love sundyblessings to you glitter butt

Sundy Carter-1

  • Again @milanchristopher speak my child’s name again…I DARE YOU

Sundy Carter-2

  • Petty Wednesday’s I’ll let this sit right here! Any typo’s IDGAF, this isn’t English 101…POP POP MILES! BIHHH where? Again I have receipts#ispeakfacts

Sundy Carter-3
Milan Christopher’s Rant

  • BISH WHERE!!!!!! exactly are you relevant? Remember, You got fired from love & hip hop – I quit! Remember MY relevant ass brought YOU on that show – so I’m lost on when and where you ever had relevancy muffin top? talk about fucking delusional this basement dwelling freak thinks he is actually relevant Bih Pulease!

Milan Christopher-1

  • Broke irrelevant niggas make my skin crawl.. I’m trying to figure out.. How I post an old ass meme from The Office an this thirsty ass dick rider makes it about him! Bruh.. This nigga is aggy ASF and will do anything for attention! Like I’m so sick of his tired, lying, always looking for a come up ass.. I’m pissed I even responded to the fucking lame! Like nigga go make up another fake story or act like you dating a married old ass 50yo women or something .. Leave me the fuck alone!
  • hmmmmmmm? Should I show her what the depths of my wrath can go..

Milan Christopher-2

  • A little about me!
  1. I have 1 mm on my record…
  2. Yes I sued my mother and won a quarter of a million dollars 8 years ago. So that’s let’s you know our tax brackets never matched up granny!
  3. The fact that I own two businesses, and come from a wealthy family & I have had my share of being spoiled by a nigga or two! These things happen when you attractive and not washed up but it always some bad body grandma who is shaped like a refrigerator who says that about anyone youthful and attractive.. But a prostitute .. Nah bih… Porn Nah Bih!
  4. A sex tape ..Again I have never done Porn.. And I might have a few freaky videos in my phone but trust me you ain’t never seen it online or anywhere else for that matter.. But I do have some nude pics floating around that you can finger bang your old dry puss to Lastly .. The same age??? .. I am under the age of 35 you are 49 married, broke, desperate and irrelevant… The day a woman who talked about a woman’s cancer (brandy) when my step father died of cancer, my mom is in remission, my Aunt is in surgery every month an it’s millions of people around the world dying from it every year, a woman who got mayweathered by a girl half her age for speaking ill off her son with out Merrit, a woman who put her own underage daughter on the Internet in one of her most vulnerable moments as a youth, A married woman who is PRETENDING to date a man who has took more dick up his ass then she has had up her dried up vagina.. Opinion hold any merit .. Would be the day … You find me sticking steroids up my ass in My 2009 fully paid off Bently continental with less then 50k miles on it.. Now go fuck yourself with miles with a double sided dildo granny..the struggle is obviously real!

Milan Christopher-3

Both are petty, social media whores. Who does this?

Dear @sundycarter_ I fucking LOVE you! #JustLove #ImHappy #BeHappy #MoveOn

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Sundy posted this:

#JUSTLOVE I'm here for it…all NEGATIVE comments can be posted below! #WITHLOVE SUNDY

A video posted by sundycarter_ (@sundycarter_) on

Mind you Sundy is still married to husband Cedric Carter and they just recently appeared on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, she also had a child, 8-year-old named Kennedy with married NBA star Larry Hughes. Sundy she did tweet a picture of her own daughter, Deja Carter, performing fellatio on a man. She later claimed her account was hacked. She is 42.

Sundy & Cedric Carter appeared here on WE tv's Celebrations

Sundy & Cedric Carter appeared here on WE tv’s Celebrations

What do we know so far? Milan’s surname is Ozage. His father’s name is Irogue Ozage. Why is he using the Gordy last name? His uncle Clifford Johnson married Sherry Jackson Gordy, daughter of Motown founder Berry Gordy. How does one get the name of the woman who married your uncle?? Did they adopt him? No.

Milan or Milaun and his brother Ife did sue their mother for stealing money that their father left to them. Milan’s father, Irogue Ozage died of prostate cancer in 2008 and left his property and money to his two sons, Milan and Ife Christopher. He left nothing to his estranged ex-wife Krystal OZage. Apparently Milan and his younger brother Ife thought their father only left them the family business, until Milan went to open a bank account and found out he and his brother already had an account, established by All State that was originally opened in 2008, immediately following his fathers death which held $240,000.

Milan claims to be 32 or has fake ID’s and a SS card which state that.

Now Krystal Ozage accessed the account by falsely saying she was still married to Irogue and spent $173,000! Milan and Ife were only able to retrieve $67,000 back from the account that Krystal stole.

This will make for an interesting season for both BBWLA and LHHH. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Basketball Wives Basketball Wives LA

Basketball Wives Basketball Wives LA

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