Ta’Kari Lee States Mom Jackie Christie Doesn’t Help Her, She’s Lying, Doesn’t Care About Me

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Jackie Christie & Ta’Kari Lee Christie

Basketball Wives star Jackie Christie stated on last night’s premiere that she has been supporting her daughter Ta’Kari Lee for 27 years. It was revealed that Evelyn Lozada donated to the gofundme page that Ta’Kari has set up for her son after he was badly burned in an accident. Jackie took offense that Evelyn had donated to the cause.

Ta’Kari took to twitter to debunk her mothers statements:

“But nobody found out about your grandsons injuries until a month after it happened… U were informed by your informant immediately after”

“Your response to tmz and the world was a month after his injuries … So before the world found out u knew and did what u felt was right”

“Besides @EvelynLozada did u check the very many other names that helped… We were just as much a stranger to them as we are to u.. #stopit”

“They should have made her tell the story of my sons accident. Oops! she doesn’t know because to this day she hasn’t asked #basketballwives”

“27 years… Where? Lol let me be quiet before I wake my kids up….”

“She would have been just as mad if it was $3.50… That’s the hurtful part ..why do u care so much someone helped me? She didn’t harm me.”

“Please believe @EvelynLozada if I would have had a mother to call at that time I would have called because Lord knows I needed one then…”

“Evelyn isn’t the same … They are! She saved the show !!! She even made me watch and I haven’t entertained this since season 1..”

“Its only about a 1 hr weekly special to u… Its about everyday to me… We can do this ..but nobody is speaking for me anymore…”

“Looks like she made the birth of chani’s child or at least tried to.. Nice!! That’s progress I’m 0 for 3”

Ta’Kari also wrote to Evelyn to thank her again for her support, “Thieves don’t come for empty houses…you possess all of what they lack!!! Thank you and everyone who cared enough to help us,” and Evelyn responded, “I would do it all over again! Hugs & Kisses to you and your babies ❤️❤️❤️”

Here’s some background on Ta’Kari and Jackie’s relationship.
Jackie Christie Says Ta’Kari Lee Has Issues Because She’s Dark Skin-ded!

Basketball Wives Basketball Wives LA

Basketball Wives Basketball Wives LA

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