Tamera Mowry-Housley Gives 6 Tips For Marriage & Motherhood, “Don’t Be Ratchet”

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The Real host Tamera Mowry-Housley, gives 6 tips on marriage and motherhood that work for her.

1. Don’t be rachet. Be refined.
“Like my grandmother always said, ‘dare to be different’,” says Tamera. While it’s popular these days, consider being different from all of the overly sexy, turnt up girls. Guys want someone who stands out from the crowd. Remember, there’s a HUGE difference between wifey and wife! Don’t get it twisted.

2. Practice doesn’t make perfect when it comes to sex
If you start having sex at such a young age, by the time you’re in your 30s and 40s, it’s old. And you’re trying many different ways to keep it new,” says Tamera. “I wanted to experience all of that once I got tamera-mowry and Adam Housleymarried and living with my husband.” Perhaps trying all of the kama sutra positions with your jumpoffs and boyfriends isn’t the best thing. After all, that will leave nothing new to explore for your husband.

3. Shacking up may be a recipe for disaster.
I’m also conservative about relationships like living together before you’re married. We just spoke about that and I don’t think you should. I didn’t want to live with my boyfriend because I wanted to get married to experience that. All the other girls, except for Jeannie, wanted to know what they were getting before they got married. My position is that I’m jumping into this thing on faith. Statistics show that if you live with your husband before you’re married, divorce rates are higher.

4. Motherhood is the CEO position you’ve been waiting for
I get called the 1950s mom all the time. I never thought that wanting to be with your child all the time, would be considered being a 1950s mom. Before I had Aden, I was in control of as much as humanly possible I thought. And having Aden taught me, ‘Tamera you just have to let that go.’ You just have to live day by day, take it an hour at a time. I don’t overwhelm myself and I prioritize. My family is number one. So whatever makes my [family] happy, that’s what I do.

5. Organic and homemade are a black girl’s best friend
“I make my baby food myself. It’s healthier but it’s more time consuming, but it is cheaper. A lot of the baby foods out there have GMOs, genetically modified foods, in them and they have preservatives and chemicals and that are being linked to autism. It’s not a proven fact but it is assumed to be linked to autism,” says Tamera who insists that making baby food isn’t just a white girl fad. “So I buy organic food for my baby and I make it. I buy, blend it, freeze it and it’s all mine. Yep, I work and I make the food. It’s possible. I also nursed for a really long time and that’s the best thing you can do. I did it while I was working. My thing is I will go to the extreme for my child to have the best. It’s just in me. It may be tiring and exhausting but I do it.”

6. Having it all together is no fun
I remember when I first had Aden, naturally you want to be the best mom you can be, I wanted to do everything. I did everything to the best of my ability and I was stressing myself out because you have to learn to just relax and know that every day isn’t going to be perfect. You cant control everything. I was OCD but I was never organized so my house will be really clean but under a bed will be a mess, and the drawers will be a mess. Now the only way I can think straight is if I organize things in my life. But you’re never going to have that 100% down. Remember, do what you can, while you can, the best you can and enjoy the ride along the way.

7. On being traditional in her approach to love, she lost her virginity at age 29
I’m very traditional. I’m old school and that’s just how I am. It’s in my DNA. I had to get to the point where I just had to embrace carrying the torch for the traditional girls out there. I love representing the traditional black woman.

Tamera: “I’m very traditional. I’m old school and that’s just how I am. It’s in my DNA.”

Aden was so excited for his first pet fish. Lol. These two are my complete heart.

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