Tami Roman On Almost Slapping Evelyn: “She Was Smart & Kept Her A** In That Seat!”

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Tami talks about episode 5 of Basketball Wives, she starts off with positives then on the trigger issues. Evelyn and Tami both know who they can mess with. Evelyn knew she could never take Tami on. Tami would crush her like a bug. Check out Tami’s video blog. “I didn’t put my hands on nobody, she didn’t throw nothin’, and we were able to still continue our dinner. Yes, I jumped up out of my seat, but let’s be clear, I didn’t punch her in her face.”” Tami Roman says in her recap of last night’s episode of Basketball Wives.”

Tami has many other thoughts on last night’s show, including Shaunie’s “shady” behavior, what she thinks of the head butt comment, and her annoyance that she was left out of the sex toy shopping trip. Watch it now, and in case you missed her recap of last week’s episode, you can check that out

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