Tanya Roberts Dead At 65, Following Premature Death Announcement

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Tanya Roberts

Victoria Leigh Blum known professionally as Tanya Roberts, has died.

Her partner, Lance O’Brien, says he got a call from one of Tanya’s doctor’s Monday night, just after 9pm, telling him Tanya had passed.

As you’ve probably heard by now, the bizarre chain of events surrounding her death, Lance told her publicist on Sunday Tanya, 65, was dead. He tried explaining his mistake Monday, stating us he had visited her in the hospital Sunday, and she suddenly opened her eyes but then shut them and he saw her fade away.

The partner of “That ’70s Show” actress Roberts said he had previously agreed to have her taken off life support because the doctors told him it was the “compassionate” thing to do given her kidneys, liver and gall bladder had failed as she battled a urinary-tract issue along with hepatitis C and a deadly blood infection then spread through her body.

“They told me all of her bodily functions, her organs, are disintegrated and she could never come back to being the same she’d be bedridden for the rest of her life,” if kept alive by artificial means, Lance said of Tanya.

Confusion had swirled over Roberts’ final moments after her publicist, Mike Pingel, prematurely announced her death Sunday.

The premature death announcement came about from an apparent misunderstanding between Lance and Mike during a conversation between the pair earlier Sunday.

“[Mike] goes, ‘What happened?’ And I say, ‘I just said goodbye to Tanya, and I got to see her beautiful eyes one last time.’ And after that, I’m just blubbering,” Lance recalled.

“Next thing I know, TMZ, OMG, is on my cellphone.”

Lance said Tuesday, “The misunderstanding — I don’t know how it happened, everyone was frazzled.”

Tanya was best known for playing Julie Rogers in the final season of the 1970s television series Charlie’s Angels, Stacey Sutton in the James Bond film A View to a Kill, and Midge Pinciotti on That ’70s Show. She appeared in 81 episodes from 1998–2004 but left the series to care for her terminally ill husband.

Source: Page Six & TMZ

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