Tara Wallace Talks Amina Buddafly’s Step-Mother Role

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Tara Wallace Tells Amina She Can’t Be Stepmother To Her Kids


via Sister 2 Sister:
Amina Buddafly has made it clear that she wants all the privileges that should come with being Peter Gunz’s wife, including having a relationship with his children, but Tara Wallace hasn’t cosigned on that idea.

“I tell Peter all the time: just because you want someone in your life, you’re not going to force them in mine,” Tara told 4umf.com. “You chose her; I didn’t choose her.”

Tara, mother of two of Peter’s children, said if Peter wanted Amina to play the step-mom role, he went about it all the wrong way.

“If you wanted to collectively choose, then you should have sat down and said, ‘Hey, I’m moving on; we need to break up,’ and then say, ‘You know what, I’m thinking about dating…’ That’s the right way you would do that if you really want a woman to respect that person,” Tara said.

Instead, Peter was sneaking around with Amina, who he married, while playing the man of the house with Tara.

“Before the show, we were functioning as a family. We definitely had our issues,” Tara said. “I kinda thought he was going through something, and that I needed to back off sometimes, or maybe I was being too hard on him. So, we weren’t in the best of places, but I had no idea the severity of where we were.”

Once Tara realized that Peter was “cheating” with his wife, the two called things off; although, it ended gradually. Now Amina is rumored to be pregnant with Peter’s baby and if she does become a mother soon, Tara thinks it will clarify things for her.

“The one thing you don’t do is mess around with a woman’s children, and she doesn’t understand that because she doesn’t have children,” said Tara. “One day perhaps she will, and when she does, then she can say, ‘Oh, now I get it.’”

Peter has seemingly moved on from his broken relationship with Tara and committed to Amina. So, has Tara moved on to the next man?

“I’m not dating, but I’m looking forward to it,” said Tara who isn’t in a rush to start anything new. “I do want to detox from this and I do want to take the appropriate time it takes to heal and sometimes, it takes longer than others.”

Though her last relationship ended with a lot of drama, Tara isn’t shying away from love and she’s optimistic about her romantic future.

“I’m excited about the person that I’m going to meet and be with because I’m in a different place. I know what I want. There’s no more questioning and guessing,” said Tara.

Love & Hip Hop: New York” fans may have a front-row seat to watch Tara’s next relationship develop, since she’s hoping to return to the show.

“I would do another season,” confirmed Tara who wants her storyline to continue, so it can encourage other women.

“I’m not the only woman in this situation, but since I’m the now that woman in the situation for the world to see: How do you get over this and how do you move forward?” she said. “I think that’s the important part for me and why I would do another season.”

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